Monday, March 21, 2011

Applications for RSM City Council Due Tomorrow

Posted By CotoBlogzz Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - If you are considering applying for the Rancho Santa Margarita city council position left vacant as a result of the recently tendered Gary Thompson's resignation, tomorrow is the last day to submit you application to the city, as reportedly, not late applications will be accepted.
As predicted, the recent election of councilman Jesse Petrilla is having an impact on the local political calculus, also referred to as the Good Old’ Boy’s Network. Consider that when Lt. Jesse Petrilla's was called for 115 days of training at Fort Knox, KY. and while Petrilla and Steve Baric, asked Tony Beall, Gary Thompson and Jerry Holloway – the three-member part of the good-old-boy network, they jumped at the opportunity to get rid of the pest - or so they figured, as they voted February 23 to oust Petrilla using the boneheaded argument that the council needed a replacement to break an implausible hypothetical 2-2 tie.  

The Rest of the Story – now we know Petrilla stays, Thompson goes: Petrilla=2, Old-boys-Network=0 In order to be considered for appointment by the City Council, all applications and supplemental information must be filed no later than noon on Tuesday, March 22, 2011. Late applications will not be accepted.

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The real scoop



The scoop is Jesse has done nothing but politic and cause discord in RSM. It is time for him to govern and put the interest of the community he serves above all else or he will be voted out in the next 4 years.
Campaign is over time for the new guys to show some leadership, they have big shoes to fill. RSM is a well run city with very happy residents as well as a strong financial foundation.

Clear as Mud



Le's see - is the "politicking" sort of like "it depends on what is, is" - in other words, is the attempt to get rid of Petrilla even though there was not reasonable argument to do so, politicking, or not?

Time To stop politicking and



Time To stop politicking and start to govern or the voters will toss the new guys in the next election.
Campaign is over time to prove you can lead.

Figures dont' lie - Liars hide the figures



I like to say that if you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it.

Very interesting statement about happy residents.  How is it that you come to the conclusion that RSM residents are happy? - is this analogous to "happy cows come from California"?

Regarding the well run city comment  - do you know that RSM paid the County in 2009 more than 8+ million for OCSD services, yet non one is able too figure out how that money was spent?  The state is supposed to conduct audits - no such audits done since RSM's inception, by the way

Now the 2010 report from the Kosmont-Rose Institute Cost of Doing Business Survey results shows RSM to be the most expensive city in the county for businesses.  The RSMBA has indicated that  Kosmont-Rose made a " gross error and are issuing an addendum to the report." - we followed up with both RSMBA and Kosmont-Rose to get a copy of the press release, but have yet to hear from either.

The point is that if you have verifiable evidence to back up your claims, we would be more than thrilled to write about it.

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