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Jerry Brown - The Butcher of Sacramento

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Governor Brown is using Weapons of Mass Disinformation (WMD) to promote his you can Deal With This (DWT), or you can Deal With That approach to solving California's budget crisis, while ignoring the Elephant in the Room - worse - while feeding the Elephant in the room.

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The Governor is using a boneheaded either/or approach:  Either you deal with painful cuts to the vulnerable, or you agree to increase taxes.
Analogous to your butcher offering you a great deal:  Buy the cow at a low price, then he trims the prime rib, sirloin and the choice parts and throwing them all to the garbage can, while leaving all the fat in, then telling you, I made painful cuts, but what is left is good for you

The problem is that while he is promoting this largely imprudent approach, he is feeding the parasitic bureaucracies by creating yet another commission to oversee the CALPARS boondoggle, for example, but largely ignoring the fact that the fiscal tsunami at the local, state and national level is largely due to organized labor in the public sector - one of the stools in  California's Triple Threat: 1) Public Unions, 2) Lobbyists, and 3) Parasitic Bureaucracies.
While we keep asserting that Brown should dissolve and or merge 80% of the bureaucracies, he instead is increasing the size of government, while making real cuts to the real vulnerable - is this not an example of the use of WMD?



Interesting!  Brown had NO CONFUSION when he enlisted Gloria Alred to f* everything up during the election. Brown should not be governor.

The Butcher of Sacramento

Tank - we prefer to call Governor Brown, the Butcher of Sacramento 

OF course JB is using

OF course JB is using confusion, just like his cohorts in the media. All the headlines about the alleged cuts to the budget include the phrase; poor, sick, and elderly. Also, look at how JB and the media are attacking Republicans; If Republicans do not allow a vote of extending taxes, there will be more budget cuts to the sick, eldery, and poor, the people who can't afford it, or they will be forced to cut education spending. They are already ramping up the scare campaign.

Most importantly, they are suggesting that the budget cuts will come only if there isn't a vote of continuing the tax extensions, when in reality, even if they are put to a vote, they of course could be rejected, like the last time. However, the media and JB are already attempting to scare the public into voting for them by correlating the tax  extensions proposition being on the ballot with voting for said propositions.

Memo to GOP

The implications from what you suggest is that the GOP should be trying to get the upper hand in the PR wars - instead, the GOP-% seem to be making deals in a smoke-filled back rooms, sort of like where Stupack sold his pass ObamaCare.

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