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SB1234- And the 80-20-0 Plan - Guide for selecting effective legislators.

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The metamorphosis of the government of the people, by the people and for the people, is now complete:  It is now the government of the government for the government by the government.

Take for instance SB1234- this piece of legislation requires employers with five or more workers to enroll them into a personal pension program to be run by a state board.  And it does not end there.  The problem is as Cox Cable might say, a political bundle:  The symbiotic relationship between politicians, unions, lobbyists and bureaucracies we refer to as California’s Triple Threat: - while perhaps federal  and federal,  where created were well intentioned, more than 80%  should now be closed and or merged as their primary focus  is self-preservation, rather than to serve the taxpayers.  For example, AQB, LAFCO, CLRC, Dep. Of Energy, EPA, Dep, of Education and so on.

Now, consider that lobbyists outnumber lawmakers in Sacramento by a ratio of 10-1, not counting taxpayer funded unregistered lobbyists. Further, the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC), reported in March 2010 that the California Teachers Association is at the top of the list of the interest groups trying to buy lawmakers in Sacramento at the tune of $211,849,298, followed by the California State Council of Service Employees—$107,467,272 – this is a ten-year period beginning on January 1, 2000 and ending on December 31, 2009

At roughly the same time as the release of the FPPC’s report, Maplight.Org released a study that showed that CTA gave an average of $17,800 to each California State Senator who voted against a January 2010 school reform bill that would have helped California qualify for federal "Race to the Top" fund.  Worse, President Obama regularly assures organized labor that its agenda is HIS agenda, and the  Most Frequent Visitor (MVF) to the White House is  SEIU’s president Andy Stern 

If this was not disheartening enough for the typical taxpayer, consider that a typical law maker is mostly motivated by immortality:  Typical lawmakers want to craft bills that will forever bear their name, such as the Dood-Frank Act described by the Economist as “Flaws in the confused, bloated law passed in the aftermath of America’s financial crisis are becoming ever more apparent”.” – Do you recall Pelosi’s infamous bill than needed to be passed, before we would know what is in it?  Now we are just finding out.

With this juggernaut, is it any wonder that most American’s by most accounts are either dependency-addicts, apathetic, or simply cognitive challenged?  Or as President Obama  in essence  referred to 69% of Americans as stupid.    

A way forward however, is the 80-20-0 Plan for effective state and or federal legislators.  Individuals seeking a state and or federal legislator’s job must first sign the 80-20-0 pledge:  In essence, for every new piece of legislation proposed and or passed, requires the elimination of four.

 So,  any lawmaker who wishes to pass a new piece of legislation, he or she  must first identify four bills and have them repealed.  Likewise with the creation of any new bureaucracy.    Failure to do so implies zero re-election chances.

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