Saturday, February 18, 2012

Coto de Caza's Nuclear Option - A view from the Greens


As you know for the last week I have been having a serious disagreement with my CZ Master HOA and Keystone Pacific over an installation of a new fence in my back yard. Finally after a week of threats and counter threats it seems that we have solved the problem between us. Unfortunately it took me a week to get them to show me a sample of the new fence they wanted to put up.
 After viewing the fence today I have agreed to let them put it long as the height does not exceed the height I have now. 
 While this matter now has a happy ending there are a few things about the association's handling of the matter that I think need some immediate attention.
 First of all there is the issue of the Association unilaterally dictating and forcing upon homeowners their unexplained desires. I had no problem with them wanting to install a cheaper lower maintenance fence in my back yard. What I had a problem with was the dictatorial manner in which they informed me of their intent to do so. They informed me by a letter out of the blue that they were  going to change the fence..change the color and make me pay for a new gate. 
 They picked on the wrong guy to dictate their plans to. I don't take kindly to people ordering me around, telling me it's their way or the highway and threatening me with fines and penalties if I don't comply. I also don't take kindly to people who demand money from me without justifying their demands.  
 In short Buzz the community of Coto needs to know about this egotistical attitude of the HOA board and their puppet management company. Let's hope that they have all learned a lesson from my case.
 Kindest regards,
 Bill Kirkendale

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