Sunday, February 26, 2012

Selective Aesthetic reasoning

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Ranch Santa Margarita, CA - Glen McCoy's political cartoon provides an excellent illustration of the typical selective aesthetic reasoning used by the Mostly Radical Left & Hyphenated Media. 

Now,  we all filter what we hear and see, based on our gender, ethnicity, education, economic status and so on, for example, and we tend to have a world view consistent with  who we are, not like it is.

We see the world as we are

While reasonable individuals may disagree on how the world is, or should be, consider that  effective politicians, regardless of  party affiliation regularly use rhetorical devices, or as Juan Williams calls them "code words"- to manipulate or persuade 

The  difference in this case is that the Mostly Radical Left Wing & Hyphenated Media routinely uses weapons of mass disinformation to manipulate the dependency- addict, the apathetic and or cognitive challenge electorate to advocate tolerance- for their won wordless view.  yet remain silent and or fuels the fire otherwise.

Where was Obama when  Occupiers threw  condoms at a girls Catholic school.  Or when a  one-bit so- called artist dare mock the Pope, but the same artist does not have to  guts to mock Prophet Mohammed.  Is that art?

While Obama apologized  to Karsai, for inadvertent burning the Quran, the burning was deliberate, as it should have.  When the Holy  Quran is defaced, it is to be destroyed. The detainees writing messages to one another throughout the pages of the Qurans in the detainee library defaced THEIR  own sacred books - where is the Muslim outrage?   Sadly,  the President of the United States failed to recognize HE was being manipulated 

Perhaps the President was trying  to lead from behind, or simply seeking more air time.    While the same publicity can be used to educate the non-Muslim world, the same is then used by the mullahs as weapons of mass disinformation to manipulate it's mostly analphabetic and primitive subjects.  

While President  Raegan called evil, evil, and stood up to evil, this President's compass tends to side with evil.

The President for example, remains mum on the Christian Pastor to be killed by Iran's Muslim government  for NOT converting to Islam

As GOP Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich might say, with a President like  this, I would be very much afraid to be a friend of the US - is that statement poetic?  In other words, can we use aesthetic reasoning in this case?

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