Thursday, March 15, 2012

Angela Valles Tied For 8th District Congress Runoff Spot; 1st Among Republican Voters

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Victorville, CA  -  A recent survey shows Councilwoman Angela Valles as the most viable candidate in the Republican field of competitors in the race for Congress in the newly formed 8th Congressional District.

Results showed Jackie Conaway with 18%, followed by Councilwoman Angela Valles with 15%, and County Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt at 15%.   A surprising finding is that Councilwoman Angela Valles was the top choice among Republican voters, receiving 23% of the Republican vote.

According to a Councilwoman Valles press release,  she was both humbled and encouraged by the results and stated that she would continue her grassroots campaign and not succumb to bought-and-paid-for endorsements or pandering of any kind.

“In Congress, I will work with Republicans and Democrats to grow our economy and move towards balancing the federal budget,” Valles said. “I am running to serve the people of the High Desert and not special interests. I will seek tax relief for the middle class and small businesses so that we can create more jobs.”

Boosted by the favorable results, Valles has resolved to continue her commitment to the people of the 8th District and the City of Victorville. She is steadfast in her promise to continue to fight for the fiscal solvency of her city and bring fresh ideas to Congress.

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