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The CA GOP, Here it blows again! – The 2012 California US Senate race:

The GOP, Here it blows again! – The 2012 California US Senate race:

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After the 2010 midterm elections, a Facebook friend had a dim view of the  future of California, writing: “For those people who continue to think you can elect a conservative in a state-wide race here are the latest stats:17.3 million Californians registered to vote. D=44% R=31% Decline to state=3.5% What would make the DTS plus the 9.5% needed from the D's vote for a conservative? Nobody has answered this yet? How does 31% stretch to 45%”

Our partial response then:

”Numbers do not lie, they just do not tell the whole story. For the people who are proud to say they vote on principle they make an excellent MacBeth impersonation: A tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury, signifying nothing" - Sort of like the Ron Paul supporters in 2012.

Reflecting on the 2010 midterm election, we thought the results were less an indictment of the electorate's stupidity, as the President might say, when he characterized  69% of  Americans as either apathetic or stupid, but more a function of the mostly radical left wing and hyphenated media's use of weapons of mass disinformation to manipulate the electorate, including the use of the race card - and why President Obama has a good chance at a second term - terms like demons, and "those who do not agree with Obama are idiots" as the recent Newsweekly article might say, are examples of rhetorical devices arming the WMD - and the California GOP has no proven defense.

The midterm results were mostly:

1) An illustration of how much political capital the California Teachers Union and the SEIU have accumulated by spending combined over $500,000,000 over the last ten years. In other words, most of the politicians in Sacramento owe the unions - one of California's Triple Threat: 1) Unions, 2) Lobbyist 30 Parasitic Bureaucracies Whitman took a stand on the Triple Threat. Brown represents the Threat!

The political machine the CTA and the SEIU have been able to put together is so formidable; it can be turned on a dime to manipulate the Hyphen-American vote - putting the interests of the Hyphen-American first and foremost at the expense of the American interest.

2) The incompetence of the California GOP- who could have managed to grab a few offices, yet was able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Consequently, we suggested then that the California's GOP leadership seriously consider stepping down immediately, and for the new blood to consider this mantra: it's the brand, stupid!

As in the midterm elections, we will be covering the US senate race closely: However, we can already see the GOP doing the same thing, expecting different results:

This installment includes an Emken-Hughes comparison, as viewed by Hughes -we intend to follow up with the crest of the candidates and get their take:

Dan Hughes
-Consistently opposed Obamacare

-Built and Operated numerous businesses Created almost 100 jobs

-Political Outsider-Supports sensible term limits to bring an end to the “career politician.� Pledged to voluntarily observoluntarily observe term limits.

-Supports a return to limited Constitutional government

Elizabeth Emken
-Claimed she opposed Obamacare, but worked as a paid lobbyist to include millions of dollars of earmarks in the bill

-No business experience

-Political insider/works as a paid lobbyist

-Is silent on term limits

-Advocated for the expansion of federal government programs including the un-constitutional Obamacare

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