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Show Off! The 2013 Playwriting Festival At Camino Real Playhouse

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San Juan Capistrano, CA – The International Playwriting Festival 2013  Show Off! to be held Januray4-12 is  always a subscriber favorite, with drama, comedy and intrigue, where the audience votes for their favorite play, will feature seven different 10-minute plays directed by seven different directors.

The 2013 play titles and scenarios are as follows:

Mary Higgins Throws a Dinner Party - Mary and Bob Higgins attempt to set up two of their recently divorced friends.  Bob forgets to tell his friend Rich about the set up and hilarity ensues as Mary tries to salvage her soiree.

Henry Webster Steps Out - When Dad invites his children home to let them know he wants to start dating again, they are surprised in more ways than one.

Can You Hear Me Now? - A tense, psychological thriller that shows you can never know who is on the other end of the line.

So Long Pluto - Pluto may now be just a dwarf planet, but nothing can diminish love's power or the resilient human spirit.

49 Rose Bushes - Martha has invited two new writing friends over and is excited to retire and start writing romance novels!   It’s what Martha retires from that is cause for concern.

Emily's Gift - When Paul shows up at a client’s holiday party in hopes of meeting a girl, he finds that his past, present and future are at the party as well.

Reflections - This tender play about a missing 5-year-old and her grieving parents will keep you on edge past the final twist.

The cast and directors are: Jessica Morrow (Director), Casey Moriarty, Linney Allen-Dana Point, Mark Schwartz, Joann Underwood, Lisa Black (Director), Richard Lindroos-Mission Viejo, Michael Casteel, Armando Dubon, Kathy Fischer, Craig Mason-Laguna Niguel, Beverly Hyde-Monarch Beach, Robb Rigg (Director), Bob Sladek-San Juan Capistrano, LindseyLaw Director), Bruce Alexander (Director), Anya Lee-San Clemente, Ben Cardullo-Riverside, Jennifer Hartline (Director), Nicol Maurer, Justin Equino, Laura Michaud Director)-Irvine, Bruce Schechter-Rancho Santa Margarita, Katie Porter-Corona, Wendy Carp Gallo (Directror)-Aliso Viejo, Barb Turino-Tustin, Gina Treasure-Lake Forest,. 

Gala Night (first Saturday) $34 per person. Includes a buffet dinner (catered by Mission Grill) prior to the performance. Premium seating available for additional $10 per ticket.

Show Dates:
Friday 1/4/2013  8:00 PM - $18- (Preview)     Saturday 1/5/2013 6:30 PM - $34 (Gala)
Sunday 1/6/2013  2:00 PM - $24
Thursday 1/10/2013  8:00 PM - $24    Friday 1/11/2013  8:00 PM - $24
Saturday 1/12/2013  8:00 PM - $24    Sunday 1/13/2013  2:00 PM - $24

Tickets available at www.CaminoRealPlayhouse.org

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