Saturday, April 19, 2014

A birds's eye view of Dirty Harry Reid's World View: domestic terrorism

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Harry Reid called ObamaCare critics liars.

He repeated the Obama administration claims that Benghazi, IRS and FAST & FURIOUS are simply phony scandals.

Obama went as far as to assert that there is no smidgen of corruption at the IRS, even when the investigation was still in progress.

Recent disclosure links Elijah Cummings coordinating efforts with ex-IRS employee Lois Lerner.  Cummings' disingenuous defense is that he was asking Lerner for publicly available information.

Are you kidding me?  With all the resources at Cummings' disposal he cannot acces the True The Vote's website?

What about using Guide Star?

Clearly Cummings was sending Lerner a clear signal.

What about Reid's reaction to terrorist Nidal Hassan's Ft. Hood massacre?  He called it a workplace violence and immediately used the incident to call for gun ownership restrictions, while Obama refused to meet with survivors

Compare that to Reid's mostly MIA behavior while the Reid-acolyte MLB director  threatened the Bundy family with armed personnel, including the use of snipers.  Once the MLB retreated, Reid calls Bundy supporters domestic terrorists

Related to Reid's assertion that Bundy supporters  are domestic terrorist, I should note that Reid  wad forced by the Federal Election Commission to explain where $17,000 from his campaign went - he acknowledged giving the money to his granddaughter for “holiday gifts” in late 2013, and finally reimbursed the money to his campaign. The FEC sent the treasurer for Friends of Harry Reid a letter asserting that the treasurer “must include a brief statement or description … to clarify the following description: ‘holiday gifts.’” Reid’s campaign operation had listed the “holiday gifts” as two separate payments to Ryan Elisabeth of Berkley, Calif., on Oct. 23, 2013. One payment amounted to $5,416.93; the other was $11,370.00.

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