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Coto de Caza HOA: Give me your hungry, tired, lazy, cheap, stupid golfers

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Updated 11/24/2016 with service provider comments

Coto de Caza, CA - public safety continues to be one of our major concerns.  Over the course of the last decade, we have developed public safety tools, identified the most dangerous curves and most dangerous intersections in the community and established a close correlation between the number of traffic patrol hours and the number of traffic accidents.

Just five days after we sounded the alarm at the high rate of traffic accidents, the community suffered its first traffic fatality, and the Coto de Caza HOA board did nothing.  One year ago, the community suffered its third traffic fatality  and we felt compelled to ask the HOA board to step down - the board failed to do anything, again.

After a series of traffic accidents at one of the most dangerous intersections in the community, we pleaded with the board to do something about it.  The worst part is that the crack Rapid Response Team of Kesytone Pacific, UPS and landscaping team, with a yearly budget of close to $4 million/year failed to do anything to clean up the debris left from the accidents for more than two weeks

 Below is a summary of the letter we sent to the Coto de Caza, CZ Master Association HOA board:

TO;   Xochitl Yocham
C.C. Robert Curran, Beverly Sirjani, Phil Mitchell, Eric Munk
DATE:  January 31, 2016
RE:  Second request to have “Golfer Caution” Signs removed and Replaced with “No Pedestrian Crossing” signs
This is a second request for the CZ Master Association to have “Golfer Caution” signs removed and replaced with “No Pedestrian Crossing,” for public safety reasons as detailed below. 
 Undeniable facts are that the only three traffic fatalities in the community happened while Robert Varo, Xochitl Yocham or both, served in the CZ Master Association board of directors.  The first one coming in just five days after I pleaded with the association, Keystone Pacific and James Harkins to take action to prevent just such accidents – my pleas went unanswered with tragic consequences. Something similar happened with the most recent fatality, and I fear something similar is about to happen if you fail to act.

 A correlation between patrol hours and the number of traffic accidents has been clearly established.

Perhaps this is one reason why the HOA board, which you preside, has refused to comply with a most simple request for CHP traffic patrol records.

 Based on CHP data and heuristics, the rate at which traffic accidents are happening in Coto de Caza’s previously identified dangerous curves and dangerous intersections, indicate that we are moments away from the fourth traffic fatality:

  1. On November 19, 2015 at 11:30 pm accident at San Miguel right at the "Caution Golfers" sign, blocked traffic in both directions for close to one hour.  See image in Figure one below
Accident @San Miguel 11/19/2015

  1. Two weeks later, as I was turning right onto westbound San Miguel, I car was driving so fast that almost run into me:  A typical driver making this turn has one second or less to react to the oncoming traffic.
West bound San Miguel: Rarely is speed limit observed here - driver at arrow has less than one second to react

  1. On or around January 24th, the white fence forming a horse trail separating the golf course and close to the “Caution Golfer’s” sign, was damaged, clearly by a speeding cat.   

East bound San Miguel - damaged fence at Caution Golfers sign

  1. Just yesterday January  30, 2016, the same white fence at the corner of San Miguel and Coto de Caza Dr. was damaged.  Again, the  only explanation for this damage at the corner of a 4-way stop, is that the driver, not unlike Coto's HOA legal counsel,  according to case:   SHMV0038019, On 12/09/2015, Harkins was approved for Traffic School, for " Unsafe speed for prevailing conditions"  or evn current president Xochitl Yocham in case 28262KK cited for violation 23123(a), driving while on the phone

Damaged fence at corner of San Miguel and Coto de Caza Drive

  1. Most disconcerting however, is what happened just a couple of hours later:  Three golfers, lazy, tight fisted, stupid or all or all of the above, cross the road right at the “Caution Golf” sign, with heavy speeding traffic, so much so that they are within one or two feet of being hit – see photos below.  
  1. Lazy, cheap, stupid golfers crossing street with cars going at over 50 MPH - Before

Lazy, cheap, stupid golfer barely missed by oncoming traffic at 60 MPH

 The data is overwhelming and supports the continued argument that whoever decided to install the “Caution Golf” signs is grossly inept or cognitively challenged.  These signs should be removed and replaced with “No Pedestrian Crossing” signs.  After all, if golfers are too lazy to walk a tenth of a mile to the nearest legal pedestrian crossing, they should rent a golf cart.  And if they are too tight fisted to fork for the cart rental, then they should not be allowed to play golf.
But wait, there is more:  Just hours after this incident, a group of five or so twenty-somethings are not only blocking the traffic, but are also playing with a drone, right smack at the corner of Coto de Caza drive and San Miguel:   At first, the three cars were parked on the east side of San Miguel, and later the Corvette moved to the west side, with the driver side door open, until the individuals involved saw me taking pictures. Makes you wonder what the CZ master residents get from the $1.5 million payed to the glorified meter maid UPS 

Two cars blocking traffic on east side of San Miguel, while the third one blocks the west side

Its a bird, its a plane, not its a drone, right at the busy intersection

I trust that this time you will my warning so you will not have blood on your hands, again. 

As we expected, we have not heard from the HOA board.  Not the standard "we take under advisement," note.  Not a "do you know who we are," often used by Varo.  Not acknowledgement.  Zero, zilch, nada!

The only plausible conclusion is that the HOA continues to dismiss public safety, and in doing so, it is contributing  to an erosion of property values, but more importantly, may soon have blood on its hand.  Again!  

To be clear, the Varo/Yocham HOA does not only welcome your hungry, tired, lazy, cheap, stupid golfers, but also the lazy, cheap, angry, stupid service providers:  Yesterday  (Feb 23, 2016) at 10:30 am as I am crossing the street at Avondale, a white Nissan truck makes a sharp turn off of Coto de Caza Drive at more than 40 MPH right at the "caution, children at play sign".

Hard to make a right turn from Coto de Caza Drive when you are driving at more than 60 MPH - Children at play sign

I make eye contact with the driver  and he stops his truck right in the middle of the road to ask me "what is your problem?" - My problem, I tell him, is his driving, and then pointing to the sign, I asked him if he knew what the speed limit was.

Stops right in the middle of the road, for making eye contact with this pool cleaning individual

His non-response was full of expletives, so I asked him to watch his language and instead he drops the A-bomb, the B-bomb, the F-bomb and other bombs I am unfamiliar with.

Truck driven by angry, reckless pool cleaning individual

Another isolated instance you say, right?  Not!  Just check out this 2012 piece:

Coto de Caza Gates: Utility, Security or Futility? 

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