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Why is California Assemblyman Chad Mayes Expediting AB-1799 - bad legislation for homeowners?

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA – We have often argued I that we no longer need to elect legislators.  We need to elect problem solvers.  For the few candidates we have endorsed, we ask them to take the Pareto Rule Pledge, also known as the 80-20 rule, which basically states, worry about the vital few and forget about the trivial many.  The practical translation is that for every bill problem solvers introduce, they need to get rid of four.

The sad true however, is that the typical legislator is more interested in generating as much legislation as possible, regardless of the consequences, since this is the best and fastest way to accumulate power.

How does Chad Mayes Benefit from AB-1799?

Enter Assembly Bill 1799 Common Interest Developments:  Association Governance:  Elections introduced by Assemblyman ChadMayes:  The measure is classified as non-urgency, non-appropriation, non-State-Mandated Local Program.  Yet, the bill has been expedited and is currently scheduled for a Committee Hearing on April 27, 2016.

Chad Masy - Photo licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license, Author: Sacramentowriter

Chad Mayes is an American politician currently serving in the California State Assembly. He is a Republican representing the 42nd district, encompassing parts of Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Prior to being elected to the state assembly, he was a Yucca Valley town councilmember.
Mayes was elected to the State Assembly in November 2014 and appointed Vice Chair of the Assembly Human Services Committee and a member of the Committees on Governmental Organization, Insurance and Rules, as well as the Special Committee on Legislative Ethics.Mayes was also appointed to the Select Committee on Renewable Energy Development and Restoration of the Salton Sea, and was named Chief Republican Whip.

During his first year in office, he introduced AB 851, which provides an orderly process for municipal disincorporation, AB 1286, which would create a body to holistically examine the state's regulatory environment, and AB 1202, which would have reduced the California State Fire Prevention Fee for residents who also pay for fire prevention at the local level.
Clearly Mayes is a raising political star of the GOP establishment-kind and should be very busy.  So why is he fast tracking AB-1799 along with common interest development (CID/HOA) industry advocates like CAI, ECHO, and CACM?  What problems is the legislation solving? Is this the most pressing CID/HOA issue?

AB-1799 Bad Legislation 

AB-1799 gives HOA boards the  power to decide (1) who can vote (2) who can run for a 
board seat and (3) the power to cancel elections.
The CZ Master Association is basically doing this and more:  The HOA board is desperately trying to do anything it can to stop direct elections and to stop me personally.

The message is that California Assemblyman Chad Mayes’ ill-advised legislation AB-1799 must be stopped.   Mr. Mayes and the GOP and Democrat establishment are responsible of the rise of Trumpism, and this is a perfect example

STOP AB-1799

If you agree that  AB- 1799 should be stopped, email the office of Assembly Member David 
Chiu, Chair of the Assembly Housing Committee:


Contact   Eric.Guerra
Phone:  916.

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