Thursday, November 18, 2021

For the Birds - Episode Six: Alls Well With My Cage

 Camas, WA:  Congratulations to Sunny Jewel for being such a hospitable roommate that Marshmallow Cream seems more comfortable in her forever home.  Sunny not only allowed Mallow to use her favorite perch, but also Mallow took over the pine bark mining operation.

In this clip, Sunny is busy mining, while Mallow looks at herself in the mirror

To date, Mallow still seems a little awkward when she jumps from perch to perch.  We trust that it is due to her young age.  While both carry on a conversation, it is not as loud and as continuous as when Ocean Blue was alive.

I was able to take the portable vacuum cleaner apart and found that the output of the mining operation (dust) and feathers went through the vacuum's filter rendering it inoperable.  The rechargeable battery seems to have been damaged, although no obvious reason for it.  So I ordered a replacement battery which will take roughly one month to get here.  As I kept looking for alternatives I found in Amazon,  a portable vacuum cleaner ate the same price as the battery I ordered AND gets here the next day!

Sunny doing a number on the Spay Millet

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