Friday, May 26, 2006

Coto de Caza- Bidding Property Management. Services

From: Morabito, Joe Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2006 3:26 PM
Subject: CZ - Bidding Property Mgt. Services

Hello All: The current incompetent CZ Board has not gone out to bid for property management services in more than five years. The last time it occurred was when I managed the project as a Board Member. This is not about whether Keystone is good or bad; bad rather good business. Property Management is one of CZ's major budget items. It is time to go out to bid to test the market and reduce our fees. I think I still have all the materials. We used purchasing department methods to bid this contract. I would be happy to participate on a Committee, presumably chaired by one of the Board Members to get this done. Obviously, it would be a conflict of interest for CJ Klug to have anything to do with bidding property management services since he is officially a Keystone employee and further based on what I have seen, he can't add much to the process anyway. So Varo/Mezger/Hill/Thagard team I am ready to go when you are. If I was still doing Consulting, I suspect my rate would be $3,000 a day; but for you guys and our community, I would do it FREE. And, when I say FREE, I really do mean FREE. Joe Morabito

Hi Joe: Using key business indicators and making sure that service providers are doing what they are being paid for, is only common sense. So the idea of getting bids for property management services falls in that category. But using Mezger's logic, this needs to be in a tickler file inherited from Merit - and so perhaps this item is simply missing from the tickler file! On the other hand, the June 2006 President's letter does mention that the association went out to get several bids for slurry services. The last time we heard this, we got a compelling offer and program by firing Securitas and replacing them with UPS - so perhaps we do need to audit that bidding process as well - not that we do not trust the board nor Keystone, but we do not trust Keystone! Buzz

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