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May 12, 2006

In general we are in agreement with Joe Morabito’s assessment of the 2006 candidates to the CZ Master Association Board of Directors (below) . Our recommendations differ slightly for a number of reasons, some of the listed below:

For an attorney, Zipperman has indicated a willingness to jump to conclusions, even when facts can be obtained easily – particularly troubling when it comes to public safety. Consequently he has been willing to give the board the benefit of the doubt, to the point of voicing that the hiring of the General Manager was a “good decision”.

As someone has said, having two attorneys serving the board (a board of directors and legal counsel) at the same time will simply expose the association to unprecedented liability.

On the other hand, the community does not need a rocket scientist to solve the public safety problems – all it takes is to acknowledge the community has a problem, then use common sense. Therefore, our recommendations to district delegates are:

Whatever you do, use your cumulative votes to vote only for one candidate. If you like two or three candidates and want to split the votes, you can be sure that all your votes will be diluted and will not count.

Revolution: GREEN – Cast all your votes for Yocham
Evolution: ORANGE - Cast all your votes for Olson
Progression: YELLOW – Cast all your votes for Zipperman
Regression: RED – Cast all your votes for Thaggard

If you are a delegate and are not sure how cumulative voting works, send us a note. If you are a resident, you should contact your delegate and make sure the delegate is not a “hit and run” delegate – that is, a delegate that will support the current board, then run and hide.

Hello All: After attending the CZ Board Candidate's Night, I can make the following observations: 1. Xochitl Yocham - Bright woman. Worked in business before becoming a Mom. Concerned about Security/Safety as her first priority. Appears to be the type that will roll up her sleeves to get the job done. Recognizes that the dues we pay must be prudently managed. Has chutzpa. Has the time to do the job. Will work to fix the problems we have in Coto. 2. Steve Zipperman - Smart Guy. Real Estate Lawyer. A little off on some issues; but my guess is that once he understands the facts, he will do the right thing most of the time. Does not appear to be a go along to get along kind of guy which probably is good given the characters on the current CZ Board. 3. Incumbent George Thagard - Nice Guy. Like him personally. But, the man in the empty golf shirt. After serving on the CZ Board for four years, surprisingly, See Nothing, Do Nothing George could not speak authoritatively concerning the workings of the Association. He appears to be a surface kind a guy. In other words, he just did not know very much about anything. If George is re-elected, we will see more fiascos. Mr. Thagard is part of the problem not the solution. 4. Betty Olson - Well meaning woman. Clueless in Coto. Needs to do her homework and then run for the CZ Board. Betty, is serving on the Water Board for two and half more years which given the time requirement to do a good job on the CZ Board will be problem. Needs to do one or other because with work at UCI, two Boards are just too much. I am not a Delegate so I can't vote; however, after listening carefully to all the candidates and asking several questions, as a former CZ Board Member and concerned citizen, I have placed these four candidates for the two Board seats available in the order of excellence. If you are a Delegate, I hope this helps. If you know your Delegate, please feel free to pass on this e-mail. Joe Morabito
P.S. I don't agree with any Candidate on all issues; but that's ok.

We do not make jokes, we simply watch the Coto de Caza Board of directors, the LA Trash and the Orange Crud Repository and report the facts

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