Tuesday, March 06, 2007

CZ Master Association’s New Website

CZ Master Association’s New Website

March 6, 2007

If you have not visited the new CZ Master Association’s website lately, you should stop by: www.czmaster.org - you may be shocked. We were only surprised:

Featured in the new website is the notion that CZ Master Association IS Coto de Caza.

The new website also lends credence to the notion that the Gendarmerie Du Coto de Caza is indeed a reality – just see the featured horse trails – perhaps the horse trails IS the featured item.

There is also a section for the Committees – the actual list is shown below, including CotoCan and the Trails. Missing finally is Paul Young-s D&O group, and so is the Safety Committee – perhaps it is because it is no longer a safety committee?

CZ Master Association Committees as shown on the

www.czmaster.org webstie March 6, 2007

Aerobatic/Aviation Committee – Board Liaison: Bob Varo, Committee Members: Jeff Dawson, Steve Plochocki czmac@cox.net

Architectural Committee – Jeane O’Connor, Michelle Barnes, Janan Pisano, Maria Foulke. Management Support: Toni Lopez at mailto:tmora@keystonepacific.com

Community Events / Coto C.A.N. – Kim Melsheimer, Marie Seymour, Aida Hobbs, Donna Jeffrey 949.459.0619 or dvochelli@cox.net

Landscape & Trails - Chair: Dave Hubert; Members: John Bernards, Ron Eger, Greg Metcalfe, Tom Forbes, Bill Goodman, Ted Collins, Patrick Shipstead; Management Support: Tracy Williams at twilliams@keystonepacific.com

Sports Complex – Chair: Larry Mount, Committee Members: Bob Grich, Bruce Warren
e-mail: larry@mount4.com

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