Saturday, March 31, 2007

Boycott the CZ Master Association Delegate Electoral System

by Joseph Morabito, former member CZ Master Association BODs

March 31, 2007

Hello All: When I received my Delegate Vote Form with Bob Curran asking for a vote for Delegate, I threw it in the trash compactor. Bob is a nice enough guy; but I am boycotting the whole Delegate Electoral System. Last year Bob refused to reveal who he would vote for in the CZ Board election and then refused to reveal who he did vote for. That is unacceptable. First, no one who can afford to live in Coto needs anyone voting or speaking for them. The laws in the state have been changed and the CZ Board should have done what ever was necessary to implement direct popular elections in Coto. The Delegate Electoral System that we have in Coto, much like the system in Communist China or Cuba is corrupt and not representative of the will of the people. Democracy should not stop at our gates. As such, I encourage all to boycott the Delegate Electoral System. I will never again return one of those forms. The very notion that about 25 people in Coto elect CZ Board Members rather than our 3,550 households is ridiculous. Bob Curran cannot and does not speak for me. Joe Morabito

P.S. The current system allows sitting CZ Board Members to serve as Delegates thereby making Recall virtually impossible. As such, there are no proper checks and balances in this corrupt system. Ultimately, it may take court action to get rid of the current system because those who are corrupt will never change this system unless ordered by a judge to do so. And, by the way, I never served as a Delegate before, during or after serving as a CZ Board Member. I always saw it as an unethical conflict of interest because it corrupted the electoral process and made Recall virtually impossible.

Hi Joe:

Like you, we are boycotting the CZ Master Association’s implementation of the Delegate Electoral System AND Cumulative Voting. The argument supporters of such a system use is analogous to the 10,000 Flies argument: “because 10,000 flies like to eat horse excrement, it must be good” – likewise, just because five-out-of five board members are also delegates, does not a good system make. Quite the contrary, as it allows a board to behave like the guards in the Stanford Prison Experiment!, and pursue personal agendas, over the good of the community.

But you will not read anything about this political corruption from so-called community journalists, as they are simply propaganda tools themselves. - BUZZ

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