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To Coto de Caza (CVCC) or not CVCC, that is the question - Another Increase in CZ Monthly Dues

To Coto de Caza (CVCC) or not CVCC, that is the question - Another Increase in CZ Monthly Dues
March 1, 2007

Recently Coto de Caza residents received a marketing survey, from 30-year community resident, Randolph R. Brusca, asking members of the CZ Master Association whether they would be interested in joining a new and improved Coto de Caza club, assuming that Brusca et al are successful in wrestling out control from the operator, the Silver Bronze Corporation's(SBC) board of directors.

As designed, the club originally catered to the Estates, the Villages and the Colinas. The survey argues  that the current administration of the club is in violation of statues and CC&Rs, and the club is grossly mismanaged.
The fact of the matter is that most homeowner associations, including the ones in the greater Coto de Caza area, suffer from the same affliction: selectively enforcing CC&R, gross mis-management of funds, lack of accountability and in some instances, depraved indifference – so we really do not see how Brusca’s plan can deliver on the promises.

Further, to make this “community”, a reality, a majority of CZ residents would have to sign up to join the club, or the CZ Master Association board of directors would have to increase monthly dues yet again. Such an idea has been entertained by the board in the recent past, figuring that $15.00 a month adder per resident would cover the cost. Given the focus of the current CZ Master Association board of directors on “bringing services up to standard”, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that such board would re-consider the adder and go to the well one more time!

Ironic indeed, when on one side, certain members of the community at large try to get CZ residents to finance the infrastructure so that everyone can enjoy the same lifestyle, and on the other, you have the Estates and The Villages adamant to keep CZ residents on the other side of the border through a yet to be built border fence.
So CZ Master Association residents, are you ready for one more monthly dues increase so that the board can bring in services up to standard? You know, like the Germanderie Royal Du Coto de Caza to patrol the horse trails?  

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