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LWV: Stanley Feldstein’s Political Assassination Consummated

Stanley Feldstein’s Political Assassination Consummated

December 4, 2007

As previously forecasted, the political assassination of 3d Mutual president Stanley Feldstein was made official during yesterdays meeting. As if to confirm that the alleged secret meeting did take place last Wednesday (where allegedly a script was worked out to announce the removal of Mr.Feldstein) , after the open meeting, Cynthia Conners spoke "extemporaneously for over 20 minutes from copious notes”.

Bill Hart who was seated on the dais along with the board, when asked by a resident "who's paying your bill, Mr. Hart" he responded "I was asked by PCM and board members." Mr. Hart is counsel for GRF, United, 3rd and is not on retainer but says there is no conflict representing the boards, but he came at the invitation of the managing agent. By the way, seems like the Brooklyn bridge is one sale again.

The question about the cancellation of the broadcast of last Wednesday meeting, did not have a succinct, coherent response – and instead lead to a discussion of Who is On First: After a long contentious discussion a convoluted explanation was offered with GRF having the final word although GRF is supposed to be working for the housing mutuals, not the other way around. Mr. Johns said he would be happy to relay the request to GRF and Mr. Feldstein asked how GRF has authority over the 3rd Mutual.

Now that the pre-mediated assassination is a fait accompli the issue is over – right? Not by a NY minute! For starters, Mr. Feldstein is still on the board and he has vowed that he has not began to fight. Then, consider that sources tell us that a majority of the “1/2 Dirty Dozen” are being targeted for recall.


Breaking News: LWV 3rd Mutual Lessons Learned: If at first you don?t succeed, hide and hide again
Immediately after last night?s closed meeting that ended up being an open-non-board-meeting and subsequent failed attempt at the political assassination of board president Stanley Feldstein, inside sources tell us that a quorum of six directors...

Political Assassination Foiled By Residents- LWV 3rd Mutual besmirch meeting to overthrow board president fails - this time!
The scheduled ?assassination meeting? last night was indeed public and featured over 2 hours of public comment. Stan Feldstein is still standing as President of the Board- in part due to an overflow crowd, necessitating opening another room and using...

Political Assassinations in Orange County ? It?s the Water!
Apparently what appeared to be equine waste emanating from the venue was not coming from horses after all! A few months back, the Orange County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to create an oversight board, indicating the supervisors had...

Serial Assassin in the Loose In Orange County?
After the alleged attempted political assassination of self-described professional fighter and naïve politician, the CZ board president resigns his post. The December 2007 CZ Newsletter announces, again, a proposal to make changes to the association?s...

Russian Vote Credibility Takes Hit ? Coto de Caza Elections Have None
According to Wall Street Journal?s reporter Andrew Osborn, ?Leading international election observers said they have scrapped a plan to monitor Russia?s parliamentary vote next month because of unprecedented restrictions?. President Vladimir Putin...

Censoring of Concerned (LWV) Residents? by property manager!
Recently a group of concerned residents took out an ad in the Orange County Register alleging misuse of credit cards intended for emergency use only, and instead racking up some $312,000 of questionable expenses. The ad describes how Professional...

Is Malintzin in our midst (Coto de Caza's Puppet Board?) - or is it the Treasonator?
Think of Malintzin as a female version of Benedict Arnold - Arnold originally fought for American independence from the British Empire as a general in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War until he obtained a bone, err.. command of...

From Assassination to Hostage Crisis in Coto de Caza
Bringing in Hugo Chavez to Coto de Caza to negotiate the release of direct democracy is like asking President Clinton to help clean up the DC Intern program!
The Coto de Caza governing body has been in disarray for quite some time culminating in the...

Laguna Woods Village Residents Voice Launches Phase 2
Resident?s Voice, a Laguna Woods Village volunteer association, critical of the property management company and the non-profit homeowners association, today announced the launch of what they call Phase 2 and are asking other Laguna Woods Village Residents...

Laguna Woods Village CC&Rs, What CC&Rs? I Got Your CC&Rs Right Here!
Coto de Caza is not the only place where the board of directors consistently either disregard the civil code, governing documents (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions - CC&Rs) or even the moral code.

Call for Coto de Caza Board Candidates - Any One But Varo/Mezger - Traditionally, the Coto de Caza elections are shrouded in secrecy, but has been ratcheted a few notches after Varo/Mezger showed up on the scene circa 2003. To add salt to the wound, there were a good number of irregularities during the 2006 elections

Breaking News: Assassin in Coto de Caza! ? Political that isX
Is this a case of Veni, Vedi, Vinci, or simply Vince, Brucy, Vince? - with Varo/Mezger pulling the strings in the background!
The CZ Master Association board of directors has been so dysfunctional since Messrs Varo and Mezger joined, that it is...

The CZ Master Association's YOH Board
Now that Zipperman has resigned as president of the CZ board and Yocham has been appointed president, will the new board be known as the Yo Hylka board, or simply the YOH board?
The May 2006 issue of the Coto de Caza President’s Letter contains an error that can have a significant impact on the 2006 board of director’s election:
The message reads in part “The newly elected Delegates from the 45 CZ Master...

Blatant manipulation of 2006 CZ Master Association Elections Continues
When the May 2006 issue of the CA Master Association President's Letter contained erroneous information regarding the number of remaining candidates for the board of directors, we published an errata and called on those responsible for managing the...


The annual Coto de Caza Shakespearean Festival kicks off May 11, 2006, with the adaptation Macbeth by none other than the Board of Directors’ President, The Baro himself.
In this Shakespearean classic, Macbeth is about a noble warrior who gets caught...

[COTO] CZ Elections - Still More Games: Wake Up Coto & Smell The Schemes
In CJ Klug's Newsletter comments this month he indicated that even with the new laws that will go into effect governing HOA elections after July, 2006 that we will still have to deal with Delegates, Cumulative Voting, Quorums etc. That is just a big...

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