Monday, December 17, 2007

Liberia tries democracy with new leader – LWV “mending” the community with new Leader

Liberia tries democracy with new leader – LWV “mending” the community with new Leader

Everything Hidden Shall Be Revealed

December 17, 2007

In Monrovia, Liberia, “after 14 years of darkness, street lights shine amid the shattered buildings”, writes AP writer Terry Leonard in his article titled Liberia tries democracy with new leader, “ And the new president — the first woman elected to head an African country — stands under an umbrella in the driving rain to launch repairs to a street that seems to have more holes than pavement”, he continues.

In Laguna Woods Village, residents sent a strong pro-change message to the Third Mutual board of directors, electing Stanley Feldstein as director, who quickly as president, threatened the status quo by actively “following the money” and asking the tough questions –scaring the “Dirty 1/2Dozen” directors who recently held an alleged secret meeting culminating in the political assassination of Stanley Feldstein. Undeterred however, the belligerent Feldstein promised he had not began to fight. BlogzzSphere

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“Liberia last year began a grand experiment to overcome its past through a sea change in how it is run. The new leaders are elected. Parliament is controlled by the opposition, for the first time in its history. And President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf promises a new deal funded by donors and investors lured by peace and good governance”, writes Leonard

In LWV, the local governing body has been deaf to calls for reform and demands of transparency and responsible fiscal management. Promptly after Mr. Feldstein was taken out, new board president Cynthia Connors, in "impromptu few comments" wallowed in the never never nebulosities of open ended possibilities pledging transparency and mending the community – perhaps analogous to the assassin game Sock Wars.

“In Liberia, the new openness at the top is obvious just from switching on the radio. Government officials are guests on talk shows almost daily, explaining policies, taking suggestions and fielding angry complaints. The justice minister tells a caller frankly that some police are corrupt. Every new initiative is presented for public comment”, continues Leonard

In Laguna Woods Village, the mending game continues. In recent weeks, about 150 people around the world are being asked something along the lines of “are you dead yet?” These assassinations have participants in pins and needles. In the Socks Wars game, each participant is required to knit a pair of socks for another player and ship them off to the target. Players are assassinated (eliminated) from the contest, when they receive the socks. What we can figure is that in the Laguna Woods Third Mutual assassin game, a secret closed meeting is called to “mend the community”, then a director who does not follow the established rules is “mended”, err…. politically assassinated.

We understand that the “Dirty ½ Dozen” has scheduled a mending session for December 18 at 9:30 am in the Administration Building Board Room. It is reported that Mr. Feldstein is being mended permanently from the board, because as a supporter puts it: “Mr. Feldstein has become too dangerous to the "Dirty1/2 Dozen and the interests they represent. Mr. Feldstein dared to ask questions. His knowledge, ethics and common sense was a challenge to lesser minds. Mr. Feldstein's only transgression is a desire for fiscal transparency so that residents facing rising assessments, might know where their money is going and how it is being spent”. We should note that when we reported on the first alleged "secret closed door meeting, we received notes that such meeting never took place - but Mr. Feldstein was removed as president anyway, so it is this time with people telling us that the alleged "mending" is not taking place - LWV residents will be the first to know if Mr. Feldstein is permanently assassinated....err mended.


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