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Jesse Petrilla – Who is That Guy?

Posted By CotoBlogzz 01-29-2010 05:00 PM

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - Jesse Petrilla is a self-described anti-tax, pro-business, community-oriented advocate against big government running for Rancho Santa Margarita City Council.

The CotoBuzz Journals Poldex© shows Mr. Petrilla as a relative unknown scoring less than one percentage point compared to incumbent Jim Thor. The Cotobuzz Journals’ Poldex is non-partisan, heuristics-based indicator associated with relative name-recognition. Over the years it has proven to be very reliable with few surprises, with the possible exception of the 2010 OC Sheriff Department campaign. We should note that this is the first time the Poldex© is being used in a relatively small local community.

Rancho Santa Margarita City (RSM) Council Poldex©

Jesse Petria    Neil Blais      Gary Thompson       Jim Thor
0.2%              1.8%            91.0%                     100.0%

As if confirmation is required - that the Poldex© is simply a tool the Jesse Petrilla campaign just announced that not only is it leading all incumbents in fundraising for the RSM City Council race, but the fund-racing totals seems to be the total opposite of the Poldex© as follows:

Candidate:                  Total 09 contributions             Cash on hand:
Jesse Petrilla               $23,809.00                              $19,399.99
Neil Blais                   $16,450.00                               $10,277.95
Gary Thompson         $16,368.00                               $5,671.63
Jim Thor                    $6,598.00                                 $5,759.44

At the same time, the Petrialla campaign unveiled a Who’s Who List of endorsements, including: Orange County Treasurer Chriss Street, Saddleback Valley Unified School District President Don Sedgwick, Capistrano Unified School District Trustee Anna Bryson, Irvine City Councilwoman & Former Mayor Christina Shea, Irvine City Councilman Dr. Steven Choi, Anaheim City Councilman Bob Hernandez, Costa Mesa Mayor Pro-Tem Wendy Leece, Orange Unified School District Trustee Dr. Alexia Deligianni, Former CAGOP Chair Shawn Steel, Claude Parrish, Nick Alivojvodic, Howard Klein, George & Eileen Riviere, and Tony Heindl.

In the OCSD’s race, the Poldex© surprisingly scores Sheriff Hutchens as 3% with a rapidly ascending Chief Hunter at 40%

The US Senate race shows: Boxer:100%, Carly: 65%, DeVore: 19% Campbell: 17%. Coupled with the Rassmussen Report showing Carly gained 6 points in 6 weeks and that in a head-to-head matchup, Boxer lead over Carly has shrunk to 3 points ( Boxer 46 percent to 43 percent), although too early to call, the races is starting to look like a Bay State Redux

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