Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dr. Pareto & New Rules for Yocham/Varo Dog Park

 Posted By CotoBlogzz 07-27-2010

Dr. Pareto’s wisdom has significantly influenced corporate America.  Many times we refer to its as a Pareto Analysis -  a too to separate the chaff from the wheat .  Dr. Juran paraphrased Dr. Pareto’s wisdom as the separation of the trivial many from the vital few, referred to as Dr. Pareto’s Rule.   In the vernacular we know it as the 80-20 rule.

Some of the paradigms resulting from the 80-20 rules are things like,   “If you are not going to use the data, do not collect it.”  Or, “if you are going to pass legislation and not enforce it, don’t” – sort of like AG Holder deciding to go after the Arizona for its newly adopted immigration legislation, while failing to go after sanctuary cities – does not make much sense.

Dr. Pareto’s Rule is one tool we often use to argue that 80% of the US government bureaucracies should be closed and or merge. 

Consider  the newly adopted rules for  the Yocham/Varo Dog Park, now consisting of 36 rules:

Rule no. 4:  No monitor or other CZ Master agent shall monitor the park area during hours of operation.  However, in the August 2010 newsletter Ms. Yocham writes “Patrol will conduct random checks to ensure the park is for enjoyment and use by Coto residents…” – in other words, Coto’s local governance will  not  monitor before monitoring.

Rule #16:  All dogs must be vaccinated and legally license prior to use of the park.  All others are prohbited from using the par.  Do you suppose the Orange County Board of Supervisors will sue Coto de Caza over this rule?  That is, the county gets money to license the dogs, is Coto trying to usurp the county’s pet immigration laws?  What about vaccination?  How will anyone even know if a dog is vaccinated?

Rule 21: This is a dog park, and not a playground for Children.  Duh! – what part of the Yocham/Varo Dog park do people not understand so that a rule is required?

Rule 24:  Portable barbecues, amplified sound, including but not limited to boom boxes, PAs, bands and or disk jockeys permitted – Duh!  Gross! In Coto de Caza?  In a Dog Park?  Shirley you jest!

Rule 26.  Keep voice levels low and refrain from yelling.  After all, this is  a Dog Park that can double as a Dog Library!

Rule 32:  Digging is not permitted – After all, this IS as Dog Park!

 These rules should be an example of how parasitic bureaucracies propagate:  Consider the command, “Love your God, with all your might, as your neighbor” – In order to make sure people understand and or follow that simple command, tons of books have been written by the literati

Or what about the US Constitution:  How many lawyers and judges does it take to argue what the Founding Fathers meant or not meant?

QED:  Over 80% of the US bureaucracies must be closed and or merged with the following caveat:  All models are wrong, some are useful.


CotoBlogzz said...

Hello All: I was thinking of buying a jeweled dog collar, wearing it and turning the Dog Park into the senior multi generational park. I need a place where I can run (ok maybe walk slowly) free. If I put the collar on, I assume I could pee in the park too without getting arrested, since there is no restroom there. I can wait to get home for anything more serious. So I guess the rules for the Dog Park now need to be amended to include humans who look and act like dogs. Why not? Joe Morabito, former CZ Master Association board of directors

CotoBlogzz said...

Hi Joe:

What you suggest works.

After all, as long as you do not bark too much and or dig holes you are OK. In other words, if you bring in a real dog, make sure it takes its Prozac first, or otherwise is medicated, so it does not bark or does not dig holes!