Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Financial Reform Legislation Ruse

Dems, RINOS (Republicans in Name) and GAGAs (Go Along to Get Along) Oh My! - with Graham as chairman of the board of the meme (with Snowe, Collins and Brown).

Posted by Cotoblogzz 07-22-2010 12:45 AM

The just-enacted financial reform legislation is just another Fish-BHO-Nomics ruse.  The name implies that the legislation is aimed at making the US macro-economic system competitive in a global economy – it is not.  A more apt name is Parasitic Feed Reform legislation.  Simply designed not only to increase the size of the government, but when considering that the country is in dire need of a Bureaucracy Realignment and Closure Initiative where some 80% of  the bureaucracies should simply be closed and or merged, such as the Department of Education, the SEC, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, expanding sweeping regulations simply fertilizes the parasitic bureaucracy- in the ultimate irony,  the two most likely parasites to be closed:  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are not even touched.

And seems like mainstream media is buying hook, line and sinker.  Consider a parasitic bureaucracy close to home:  Bell, California, arguably a mediocre city as far as California is concerned paying municipal manager Robert Rizzo $800.000/year and part-time city council members some $100.000/year, according to Marcia Fritz, head of the California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility. But Wait, there is more. In today’s interview by CBS2’s Diane Thompson, Ms. Thompson asks”  “this is a capitalistic society, so if the city is willing to pay..”  The statement clearly shows mainstream’s media disconnect.  Bell’s mismanagement is not an artifact of a “capitalistic society” as Ms. Thomson posits, but an artifact of a parasitic bureaucracy.

Remember all the assertions about Health Care Reform Not being socialized medicine and not using tax-payer money to fund abortions?  This is also an artifact of those what want to perpetuate parasitic bureaucracies – use of demagoguery for self-preservation.

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