Thursday, July 22, 2010

Snookered Into Apology-Palooza - Sherrod Ain't No Saint

Posted By CotoBlogzz 07-22-2010

With much experience apologizing to world leaders and bowing to kings, the President’s apology to hastily fired Agriculture Department's Shirley Sherrod for racists remarks made pre-rebirth are anit-climatic.

Most news accounts paint Ms. Sherrod as a victim caught in the political cross-fires. No argument here, other than actions have consequences, whether we repent for previous sins or not.  Hold this thought.

The comedy of errors starts with the NAACP gratuitously vilifying Tea Party Members, and as stated above, actions have consequences – in this case, the NAACP fell on its own trap, and quickly dug itself a deeper hole, by blaming Fox New and other “conservatives,”  perhaps lending credence to the old adage that “if you have done nothing wrong, you should fear no evil”, or act in haste to correct the evil you claim you have not done, we might add.  Ditto for the White House:  The latter continues to underline the also old adage:  “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Let’s be clear, we are all individuals, we are unique, and consequently various forces of influence have an impact on our decision-making, such as gender, age, race, education, and so on.  That is to say that we can all expect to find a number of racists in the United States of America, regardless of political affiliation and or skin tone.  However, when the first line of defense for demagogues and self-describes victims, is the race card,  such as the Reverend Wright, Reverend Sharpton and even Senator Byrd, we all should try to connect the dots, and perhaps follow the money.

The point here is that while Ms. Sherrod is the victim in the Snookered case, she does not get a pass from us.  When she was asked to speak to Fox News, Ms. Sherrod in essence accused the network of being racist – that is, we are back to where we started from – from the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

In other words, although it appears that Ms. Sherrod has seen the light and no longer resembles the remarks –taken out of context, as the media accounts assert - her heart appears to dwell in a very dark place, still.

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