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Bell Syndrome Pandemic Sweeping Southern California

Posted By CotoBlogzz 07-30-2010

Apparently the Bell Syndrome is a pandemic sweeping through Southern California.  The Bell Syndrome is when a parasitic bureaucracy becomes irrational and its decision-making focuses strictly on self-preservation, not unlike the smoke-filled back room negotiations which concocted Stupack’s Soul Sale, the Cornhuskers Kickback, the Teachers Payola, the Union Bribe or the Louisiana Purchase in order to pass Health Care Reform – more like Parasitic Bureaucracy Feed Reform.  Or what is going on in Agoura Hills’ Morrison Ranch Homeowners Association, where the board is in essence funding a $1.000 fence for a $1 horse, not to mention the parasitic bureaucracy passing as City Hall in the City of Bell, California, City Manager Robert Rizzo, Assistant City Manager Angela Spaccia, and Police Chief Randy Adams were allowed to have a combined salary of more than $1.6 million!

Then there is Laguna Wood's governance, which allowed property management company PCM to issue an Ultimatum, telling the community in essence,  to Shut Up or else, until the Third Mutual Board decided to file a lawsuit.  Did that take care of business?  Hardly!  First, the United and Golden Rain Foundation (GRF) boards seem reluctance to not only joint the Third’s lawsuit, but they are resisting joining the suit in an apparent conflict of interest:  Legal counsel for United represents both the board and the property management company!

It does not stop here, however, Janet Price, a defendant in the lawsuit, is attentively being listened to by United and GRF pertaining to financial matters – issues front and center of the Third lawsuit.  Done?  Hardly.  The property management company defiantly issues a press release, attempting to qualify other service providers, local governance be dammed – prompting a number of questions from residents compiled by Katie McDaniel shown below:

1.       While it may be a good idea for a service provider to have a pool of other service providers, the supplier management functions should not be delegated by local governance.  Further, as described by the press release, it enables the "Bell Syndrome", or a "pay to play" process that may be extremely difficult to detect.
2.       The press release raises several questions that local governance using PCM must ask and be responded to.  For starters, is the press release another ultimatum to local governance, which says, you will do as PCM say, or else?
3.       WTF?????????????????????????
4.       More and more management control. Less and less board oversight. The tail is wagging the dog again.
5.       Who’s kidding whom? Is this just to squeeze even more money out of vendors and us by using the chosen few?
6.              Where is this in the matrix? Where the matrix refers to the matrix system of “Delegation of Actions and Commitments” written by Kathryn Freshley and passed by the Third board at the last board meeting

And the response from the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, you might ask? “Please report your information to your local police department.” – now compare that response to the response from California Attorney General Jerry Brown to the City of Bell Scandal: He is not only looking into the city affairs but State Controller Johns Chiang has launched an audit of Bell’ s finances, on top of Attorney General Jerry Brown's investigation prompting us to conclude that Palmetto Bugs don’t like sunlight.  

Makes you wonder where Attorney General Jerry Brown has been when his office receives hundreds of complaints, daily,  from homeowners, about similar issues.    

Perhaps once discovery starts in the Third lawsuit, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office may be compelled to find some interest in the case, and we will see other Palmetto Bugs scurrying around truing to get out of the sun light.

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