Thursday, July 28, 2011

Coto's Khalda Development, Gun Control and an Audience with the King

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Coto de caza, CA - We started to look at the proposed Khalda development from a gun control perspective, as the property is currently zoned for a gun club, but a zoning request with the county, if approved would change it to residential use only. In the process, we learnt that Lee Ann Miller is vehemently opposed to the potential rezoning change.

We tried to reach Ms. Miller and asked her to comment, but we have not heard from her. On the other hand, it seems that the CZ Master Association board of directors is a house divided. Xochitl Yocham wants to extend Ms. Miller an invitation to attend today’s CZ Master Association’s executive session to discuss the Khalda Development, because according to Ms. Yocham ..” Ms. Miller’s reputation of being extremely difficult..” but the invite is intended to “..diffuse any animosity toward the BODthat may happened at our next general session.” However, Lyle is not as condescending and thinks that a meeting with the board may be likened to a meeting with the King, as “..we do not owe Ms. Miller anything, let alone a meeting with the board.”

What has Ms. Miller so upset, according to Bob Varo is that she “..may be able to see one or two of the proposed seven homes from her property. The estimated distance from her property line to the closes new home is approximately 600 feet.”

As of this writing, we do not know if the county will approve the rezoning request. We also do not know if the CZ Master association will continue to add to the $3 million/year+ subsidies by subsidizing the new development, if approved. The only take away seems to be that if you raise a stink at CZ Master association general meeting, you may just get a special audience with the King.

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