Monday, July 25, 2011

Microbiology 101 – Parasites

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - According to a report from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, at least 178 teachers and principals in Atlanta Public Schools cheated to raise student scores on high-stakes standardized tests in  America's biggest teacher and principal cheating scandal in Atlanta.    Award-winning gains by Atlanta students were based on widespread cheating by teachers and principals, according to  Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal

The report on the Atlanta Public Schools, indicates a "widespread" conspiracy by teachers, principals and administrators to fix answers on the Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (CRCT), punish whistle-blowers, and hide improprieties. According to  Mayor Kasim Reed. "There is no doubt that systemic cheating occurred on a widespread basis in the school system."

How can this happen?  Easy.  Teachers Unions work hard to elect their political bosses who then, as president Obama so eloquently has said, “the union’s agenda is MY agenda.”  When that happens, teachers write their own meal ticket, get tenure and can do anything they like.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) , one of many we refer to as a parasitic bureaucracy, as of midnight July 22 is furloughing 4000 Workers and consequently, consumers get a break, because House Republicans took a stand against government waste.

Last month, California legislators failed to pass a balanced budget by the constitutional deadline, June 15 and as a result forfeited their pay until a balanced budget was sent to the governor.  Within matter of days, the balanced budget made its way to the governor we know as the Butcher of Sacramento

Lessons learned: You make politicians accountable, they respond immediately.  Because in most cases, there is lack of transparency and accountability, and  there is a symbiotic relationship between unions, lobbyists parasitic bureaucracies and politicians, the results as in the case of Atlanta, are not surprising  – guess how ObamaCare was passed?  This is why we have been calling of a bureaucracy realignment and closure initiative patterned after the military base closures, where some 80% or more of state and federal bureaucracies merge and or close.

The most important result of the initiative is not the savings from closing down the parasitic bureaucracies as much as it is to shut down the shadow economy the symbiotic relationship between the unions, the bureaucracies, lobbyists and politicians that have created the current economic fiasco in the first place – not to mentioned the widespread political corruption.

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