Monday, August 01, 2011

US Debt Management Application Install

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Updated August 2, 2011

███████████████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 33% DONE.

Install delayed....please wait….Installation failed.

Please try again. 404 error: COMMON SENSE IN WASHINGTON not found. " COMMON SENSE  " file cannot be located. The program may be too large for intended recipient. Try removing “SPECIAL INTERESTS” before reloading.  ‎..... 

 WARNING! 401 error - Virus found: symbiotic relationship between unions, lobbyists, parasitic bureaucracies and politicians. Click here to remove, or press one to have shrink see if you have gray matter left.  For Obama-Money, click on link on the left.  To donate to Obama-Money stash, click on link on the right.  To gut out the Military, click on link on the left.

WARNING!  086 error - Washington is low on cash, system is shutting down in 15 seconds, unless you agree to give Obama a blank check……click here to give DC politicians a blank check....10 seconds left..... 5 seconds left...

Thanks for placing your order for  blank check. To avoid system crash, we suggest that you  renew within six months.  Invoice will be sent to your great-grand children.

NOTE:  Your system is still infected with the 401 error.  Suggest use of strong disinfectant and election of politicians with backbone.

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