Thursday, June 20, 2013

Forget the State Department Talking Points - Edit the talking points at Laguna Woods Village


Laguna Woods Village, CA- Last evening I along with members of the Mutual Boards as well as the Golden Rain Foundation (GRF)  board in addition to many other interested Laguna Woods Village residents received an Email stating a Channel 6 employee had told her the replay of Golden Rain Foundation “town hall meeting” of a week ago was cut short by a GRF directive.  Channel 6 apparently cut off the public comment portion of that entire meeting, and Channel 6 showed only what GRF wanted Channel 6 to show to those at home watching the replay of the meeting.

Friends, when an unelected body takes control of a dedicated medium which is the sole source of many residents’ information about how their community is being governed, totalitarianism, that pesky tool of powerful and unchecked rulers and despots, tends to raise its ugly head, and it is presently happening in our community with the GRF Board. 

Are you kidding me?  Is Channel 6 a tool of GRF, or is there something written somewhere that states GRF can dictate programming to our community?  

These questions need to be answered.  We help to pay for Channel 6 to be able to exist.  It belongs to “we the people” not the Golden Rain Foundation. Both sides need to be heard, and Channel 6 management should be allowed to run autonomously from GRF. 

Paul L. Hutchins

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