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By William Kirkendale

And just who was the architect of this outrageous SAFE ACT with hunt against all the Nation’s loan officers? None other than Mr. Barney Frank…. A paragon of virtue if there ever was one. Here’s what the Congressional Ethics committee said about him….Mr. Frank has a male prostitute lover living with him who was convicted of using cocaine, oral sodomy and producing child pornography…
Representative Barney Frank - Association with male prostitute Last Updated : Jun 02, 2011 Summary of Events In September of 1989, the House Ethics Committee agreed to investigate Congressman Barney Frank concerning his relationship with a male prostitute.  On April 1, 1985 Steve Gobie met Congressman Barney Frank after Congressman Frank answered a classified ad in the Washington Blade which read as follows:
“Exceptionally good-looking, personable, muscular athlete is available. Hot bottom plus large endowment equals a good time”.
The facts surrounding the next 18 months are listed here:
In their initial encounter, Congressman Frank paid Mr. Gobie (then 28) $80 dollars for sex
Steve Gobie had felony convictions for possession of cocaine, oral sodomy and production of obscene items involving a juvenile
Congressman Frank assisted Mr. Gobie by paying his attorney and court-ordered psychiatrist stemming from his previous convictions.
Congressman Frank hired Gobie as his personal aide, housekeeper, and driver
Congressman Frank paid Mr. Gobie $20,000 from his personal funds without withholding and taxes
Congressman Frank used his office to dismiss 33 parking tickets that Mr. Gobie had acquired
Congressman Frank wrote a letter on congressional letterhead attempting to alleviate Mr. Gobie's probation to allow him to leave the state as his personal aide, and stating that he was indeed employing Mr Gobie (a condition of his probation)
Steve Gobie ran a prostitution ring out of Congressman Frank's apartment and when the landlord brought it to the Representative's attention in 1987, Congressman Frank ended his relationship with Mr. Gobie
Congressman Frank publicly stated at this time that he was gay; in part to prevent possible blackmail from Mr. Gobie (according to Congressman Frank) Mr. Gobie sought to sell his story in 1989 and this prompted Congressman Frank to ask for the investigation into his relationship with Mr. Gobie both to prove that he had no involvement in the prostitution ring, and to remove the incentive for Mr. Gobie to sell his story.
Congressman Frank's Explanation In his initial letter to ask the committee to investigate him, Congressman Frank stated the following:
Questions have been raised about my employment of a personal assistant during a period between 1985 and 1987. I have publicly responded to these questions and I have expressed regret for the mistaken judgment involved. In order to ensure that the public record is clear, I hereby request that the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct [CSOC, commonly known as the ethics committee] conduct an investigation into these matters.
 Congressman Frank claimed that he tried to lift the younger man out of drugs and prostitution by hiring him to run errands.  He allowed Gobie the use of a car and sometimes his apartment when he was out of town.
I thought I was going to be a liberal who got involved directly with an individual who needed help, that I had an individual who was going to get help and he took me
When further pressed on the matter, Congressman Frank claimed that he saw himself as a Henry Higgins in "My Fair Lady."
Thinking I was going to be Henry Higgins and trying to turn him into Pygmalion was the biggest mistake I've made. It turns out that I was being suckered. He was, among other things, a very good con man.
Congressman Frank then explained that what he had done was done in part to refute criticism that liberals ...
...are interested in helping humanity at large, maybe with a vote or a check, but that we don't show a willingness to get involved in particular situations, or particular individuals that might need help.
 As the House Committee on ethics began their investigation, Congressman Frank stated that he would consider resigning if the causes he was championed would be damaged by the investigation.
Do other people who share my values pay a price if I am here?  If that's so, then I would not run for office.'
 In December of 2007, Congressman Frank gave "15 Questions" style interview with the Harvard Crimson and the issue of Steve Gobie cam up again (FM is the floor moderator for the event and BF is Barney Frank's response) :
Steve Gobie's Response Mr. Gobie has consistently maintained that Congressman Frank was aware of his prostitution activities within Congressman Frank's house, and that the aide position was a cover for probation purposes.  He has stated that Congressman Frank would sometimes call before heading home to ensure that nothing illicit was taking place prior to returning home.
He knew exactly what I was doing.  It was pretty obvious.  If he had to come home early {from work}, he would call home to be sure the coast was clear . . . . He was living vicariously through me. He said it was kind of a thrill, and if he had been 20 years younger he might be doing the same thing."
Mr. Gobie initially tried to sale his story to several newspapers, but initially "gave" the story to the Washington Post, hoping to eventually receive a book deal.  Mr. Gobie never wrote his "tell all" book.
Congressional Response After a 10 month investigation, the committee found the following (as reported by the Boston Globe) (Note that the misleading memo was the one written to the probation board claiming that Mr. Gobie was working for Congressman Frank and may need to leave the state as a requirement of that job….that Frank had violated House rules by writing a misleading memo that was used in an effort to end prostitute Stephen Gobie's probation on felony charges and by allowing his House privileges to be used to waive 33 parking tickets that Gobie might have received while driving Frank's car.
The recommendation was that Congressman Frank be reprimanded for his actions. The house voted to do just that on July 26, 1990, stating that Congressman Frank for reflecting "discredit upon the House."
The reaction from other Congressional members was mixed with most Democrats still supporting Congressman Frank and most Republicans calling for him to resign. Congressman Thomas Foglietta (D-PA) believed that Congressman Frank had simply been duped and stated:
Barney Frank is accused of being stupid and, my friend, if being stupid were grounds for expulsion, there'd be very few of us left here.
Most Republicans found Congressman Frank's claims that he knew nothing of the activities in his house as incredulous as his statements that his acknowledged illegal and immoral behavior surrounding the parking tickets and letter to the probation department were done for noble reasons.  Several papers called on congressman Frank to resign, but he has been consistently re-elected with favorable margins despite acknowledging behavior that is worse than that which has caused several Senators and Congressman to resign since that time.

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