Tuesday, July 23, 2013

ACORN Style Community Organizers Encourage Obamacare Fraud

 Community Organizers Encourage Obamacare Fraud

By Chriss Street

Great card sharks distract you with one hand, while the other hand palms an ace off the bottom of the deck. This is essentially what the Obama Administration did on July 3rd, to distracted the media with an announcement of a one year delay in Obamacare’s “employer mandate,” while quietly dropping all income verification for individual to qualify for taxpayer-funded subsidies. 

The Administration is hiring Acorn style community organizers across the nation to encourage 13 million individuals, who currently pay for private healthcare, to fib on their ability to pay monthly insurance premiums, in order to get big discounts buying insurance from government run health exchanges. The Administration expects the beneficiaries of this new government entitlement to be a powerful new Democrat voting bloc in favor of a nationalized “single payer” healthcare system for next year’s elections.

“Liar loans” imploded the American banking industry after Congress made changes in the Community Reinvestment Act that were supposed to encourage commercial banks and savings associations to help expand home buyers in low and moderate-income neighborhoods. This allowed tens of millions of individuals to qualify without verification of income for mortgages they could not afford. Total losses to banks are estimated at $1.2 trillion and the federal government’s continuing losses in the bailout and stimulus has past $5 trillion.

The Department of Health and Human Services is hiring armies of “patient navigators” to inform individual Americans about the insurance “options” promised by Obamacare and assist them in filing out the enrollment forms. These community organizers gain access to the new Federal Data Hub, assembled from merging the personal data files of the IRS, Department of Defense, Veterans Administration and other federal and state agencies into the largest treasure trove of Big Data marketing information on Americans in the history of the republic.

The Federal Data Hub is designed to determine who qualifies for new benefits under Obamacare, which includes tax subsidies to purchase health insurance for Americans who earn less than 400 percent of the poverty line — about $45,000 for an individual. Those earning less than 133 percent of the poverty line — about $15,000 — will qualify for Medicaid coverage in the District of Columbia and 23 states that have decided to expand the program.

The real purpose behind the Administrations delay of the employer mandate is to speed up the transition period from our current employer-based health insurance and into a nationalized single-payer system. Their new 13 million person constituency of self-employed and young people who work for small businesses, must now enroll in health insurance or pay a hefty fine. These workers have no choice but to use the government-controlled health insurance exchanges, which will double the number of Americans forced to get health insurance from the health exchanges.

Obamacare was sold to the American public as ensuring that its costs would be borne by businesses, not taxpayers. But when the President decided to only enforce some portions of the law and delay others, he shifted the cost onto the backs of taxpayers. Obamacare’s new taxes, regulations, penalties, health Insurance exchanges and selective enforcement are powerful tools for Obama to mask his destruction of private healthcare. He knows the public still hates the idea of a nationalized single-payer healthcare system, so he cleverly renamed it as “Medicaid expansion.” This Trojan Horse has confused voters from calling Obamacare by its real name, “single payer.”

The IRS had ruled that if workers have access to affordable health insurance through their employer, their dependents are not eligible for taxpayer-funded subsidies on the Obamacare health insurance exchanges. Now that businesses are not required to offer health insurance until 2015, insured workers with low or no income dependents are now eligible to individually sign up for the taxpayer-funded subsidies to purchase health insurance on exchanges. This will result in a $100 billion loss to the Treasury in 2014 to cover the increased costs of subsidies and the loss of revenue from employer penalties.

You have to be impressed with the sleight of hand of the Obama Administration in distracting the public with the delay of the employer mandate, while pumping up subsidies and giving access to wildly valuable election Big Data to his community organizers. By 2015 there will be so many workers and their dependents trapped by subsidies in the government-run health insurance exchanges that they will support moving to a nationalized single-payer scheme, which was always Obama’s goal.

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