Thursday, July 18, 2013

Australians Dump Agenda 21 Carbon Tax

By Chriss Street

As an out and proud member of the Fabian Society, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard sought to advance the collectivist state by implementing the gradualist reform of the United Nation’s Agenda 21.

  But once the public was exposed to the crushing costs, job destruction and loss of personal freedoms of environmental totalitarianism, Ms. Gillard was dumped on June 26th as too liberal for her own Labor Party.

The Fabian Society was founded in London in 1884 by poet Edward Carpenter, sexologist Havelock Ellis and Edward R. Pease to advocate for a new Western European Renaissance as a model for a common worldwide society. Fabians favored nationalization of land, believing rents collected by landowners are unearned.

The Baroness Passfield, Martha Beatrice Webb, laid out the Fabians’ economic strategy when by publishing: “The Co-operative Movement in Great Britain”, “History of Trade Unionism”and “Industrial Democracy.”  In 1895, she led the Fabian Society founding of the London School of Economics and Political Science.  The Baroness coined the term of “collective bargaining” as a right for individuals to promote a welfare state that will “secure a national minimum of civilized life … open to all alike, of both sexes and all classes, by which we meant sufficient nourishment and training when young, a living wage when able-bodied, treatment when sick, and modest but secure livelihood when disabled or aged.

The Fabians believe in the gradual nationalization of the economy through communal organizing of the democratic process.  Rather than the violent revolutionary overthrow of the establishment, Fabians believed that the only real way to effect “fundamental change” and “social justice” was through a mass movement of the working classes presided over by the intellectual and cultural elites.

As elitist intellectuals seeking a scientifically planned society, the Fabians supportedeugenics to improve the genetic composition of a human population by promoting of higher reproduction of more desired people and sterilization to reduce those who are less desirable.  This led to the passage of the Half-Caste Act, which was implemented in Australia to systematically and forcibly remove Aborigine children, so that the British Colonial Office could “protect” the children from becoming like their parents.

Over the next hundred years, Fabians succeeded in moving much of the world into socialism and on the path to true collectivism.  But the Iron Curtain fell in 1989 and communism economically collapsed.  Undeterred by history and facts, the Fabians were instrumental in repackaging the failed totalitarian state that provided the elites with positions of privilege under socialism, into the environmentalism, land preservation, zoning, and care for the planet to rehabilitate elites privileges under Agenda 21.

Julia Gillard made a name for herself in Australia Fabian circles as an editor and of theSocialist Forum, where she published a series of extremist policy strategies to consolidate control of the economy.  “The Greening of the Red laid out the blueprint for the left-wing to gain totalitarian control via environmental activism, calls for re-regulating the exchange rate, reintroducing tariffs, and reducing imports and foreign investment.  The Australian media talked about how Ms. Gillard was winning the hearts and minds of middle class Australians.  The notoriety powered her election to Parliament in 1996.  In 2010 she organized a palace coup within her own Labor Party in 2010 that allowed her to snatch the Prime Ministership from her fellow party member, Kevin Rudd.

In her 2010 Australian election campaign, Gillard pledged to build a “national consensus” for a carbon price by creating a “citizens assembly”, to examine “the evidence on climate change, the case for action and the possible consequences of introducing a market-based approach to limiting and reducing carbon emissions.”  But once elected she passed a $7.5 billion fixed-price carbon tax on 500 utilities, transportation and mining companies, with proceeds spent on new welfare payments.

Inflation took off, investment shrank and unemployment went to double digit.  On June 26th, Kevin Rudd organized a counter palace revolt and took the Prime Ministership back from Gillard.  The new Prime Minister announced: “The government has decided to terminate the carbon tax to help cost of living pressures for families and to reduce costs for small businesses.”  Irate Australians wanted elimination of all costs associated with Agenda 21.  So far, Rudd has offer to switch to a CO2 emissions trading scheme that will save an average household $350 a year due to lower gas and electricity bills.  He said the revenue shortfall will be covered with federal budget cut of $3.5 billion

The public figured out the Fabians’ Agenda 21 strategy and probably knocked it down for a bit in Australia.  But the Agenda 21 scheme of gradualist reform toward collectivism is alive and growing in most of the world.


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