Friday, July 05, 2013

Happy Independence Day – from PCM and GRF


Laguna Woods Village, CA -  Happy Independence Day. It is time for Leisure World/Laguna Woods Village to declare their Independence from a Management Co. and the GRF Board who have refused to la board who have taken control of 18,000 homeowners in this Senior Citizen Homeowners Association.

The Original Trust and the Amendments to the Trust have been TRASHED by the GRF Board, PCM/Associa and Hart, King and Coldren the Law Firm who were suppose to represent the homeowners of Leisure World.   PCM/Associa has been the Managing Agent in this Senior Citizen Homeowners Owners Association since the beginning and for 17 Years Hart, King and Coldren was the Law Firm who represented the four corporations (GRF,Third, United and Fifty) in this Community.  PCM the Managing Agent and Hart, King and Coldren have for many years given FALSE information to the four corporation  by stating GRF and United have no Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs).  This LIE has allowed GRF to SELL common area land and spend homeowners money without their APPROVAL

        GRF, PCM and Hart,King and Coldren got away with SELLING the Old Administration Building below market value, BUYING a New Administration Building outside the walls of Leisure World for $l6 million dollars, BUILDING Clubhouse 7 for $3,700,000  and DEMOLISING the Golf Starter Building and BUILT a new Clubhouse Restaurant for $5,471,000 all without the APPROVAL of the HOMEOWNERS and AGAINST the CC&R's which PCM and Hart, King and Coldren said United and GRF have NO CC&R's.

          Now the TRUST being TRASHED by the GRF,PCM and Hart, King and Coldren  stating that GRF and the Corporate Mutual Member have the right to AMEND the TRUST to coincide with GRF's BYLAWS.  This is ridiculous the BYLAWS are NOT the GOVERNING DOCUMENTS of Leisure World/Laguna Woods Village filed with the STATE.  BYLAWS are each of the four Corporations Documents stating how that Corporation should operate and what they are Obligated to do.  The $l8.7 Million dollars GRF wants to SPEND  for the REDEVELOPMENT of Leisure World/ Laguna Woods Village is NOT their decision to make, GRF owns NO Property in this Senior Citizen Homeowners Association.  GRF is the TRUSTEE of the TRUST which HOLDS all the LAND, ASSETS and MONEY in TRUST for the TRUSTORS who are the 12,736 HOMEOWNERS of Leisure World/Laguna Woods Village.  The TRUST IS and SHALL be IRREVOCABLE by and SHALL NOT be subject to alteration, modification or amendment  by TRUSTEE, except as provided in paragraph C before the TRUST can be AMENDED, the BENEFICIARIES of the TRUST WRITTEN APPROVAL SHALL be  or Section VII hereof.  The TRUST may at any time or from time to time be altered, modified or amended by written instrument executed by TRUSTEE and by ALL the COOPERATIVES which have at such time, and then remain beneficiaries of the TRUST.  Remember in 1968/69 Congress discontinued HUD 213 funding and in order to continue with the DEVELOPMENT of Leisure World additional funding had to be obtained by Ross Cortese under the CONDOMINIUM LAWS of CALIFORNIA , thus changing LEISURE WORLD from a  COOPERATIVE SENIOR CITIZEN HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION to a SENIOR CITIZEN CONDOMINIUM HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION with both Condo's and Coop's.  The ORIGINAL TRUST now has both Condo's and Coop's as equal beneficiaries  

under the TRUST, as the COOP'S deeded the COMMON AREA FACILITIES
.to THITD LAGUNA HILLs.  PCM was the Managing Agent at this time and knew of the Changes to Condominiums from Coop's.

              GRF, PCM and Hart, King and Coldren have had this information and
still continue LIEING to the HOMEOWNERS .  It's time for some changes in this
Senior Citizen HOMEOWNERS Association.  The HOMEOWNERS all 12,736 are the owners of the Property, Assets and Money held in Trust for the Beneficiaries of TRUST which are the HOMEOWNERS not GRF, UNITED,THIRD or FIFTY. 

Clara Eley

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