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To Shoot Down US Supremacy

Washington DC Shooter Shuts-Down U.S. Supremacy

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The September 16th attack on the Naval Command Headquarters at the Washington D.C. Naval Yard is a major a defeat for the projection of international supremacy by the United States.  One or more shooters managed to get on the secure compound and into the building housing the Chief of Naval Operations to kill 12 Americans.  This event will have profound psychological and political impacts by demonstrating the center U.S. military power is now part of the global battleground.

President Obama tried to deflect today’s Naval Yard attack by labeling it as “yet another mass shooting.”  But according to the Navy, the Naval Sea Systems Command  (NAVSEA) headquarters building where the shooting took place is supposed to be an ultra-high-security facility, because it is houses the Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jonathan Greenert and is the largest of the Navy’s five system command centers.

NAVSEA has a headquarters staff of 3,000 and an annual budget of almost $30 billion, 25% of the Navy’s entire funding.  It has a total workforce of 50,000 civilian, military and contract support personnel that engineers, builds, buys and maintains the combat systems and facilities for the Navy’s ships and submarines around the world.

At the time of the attack, Admiral Greenert was directly in charge of the 14 ships of the USS Nimitz and Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier task forces, the two guided-missile cruisers Gettysburg and San Jacinto, the two Marine Expeditionary Forces on the USS Kearsarge and San Antonio Amphibious Landing Ships, and the three submarines preparing to attack Syria.  Televisions around the world beaming the top American admiral fleeing from his own headquarters will no doubt severely undermine the confidence of our allies and embolden the will of our enemies.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who commands at least 4,502 nuclear weapons, took advantage of the U.S. weakness to announce today that the Russian naval presence in the Mediterranean Sea will be boosted to 11 ships with the addition Yamal amphibious landing ship and Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier.

Alexey Pushkov, a member of the Russian parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee, in a reference to the recent sarcastic New York Times op-ed by Russian President Vladimir Putintweeted: “A new shootout at Navy headquarters in Washington — a lone gunman and 7 corpses.Nobody’s even surprised anymore.” He added: “A clear confirmation of American exceptionalism.”

California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, who as Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence understands the magnitude of damage to America’s standing in the world from today’s successful attack, tried to help her President deflect criticism of his leadership by calling for new gun-control laws.  “When will enough be enough?” Feinstein said in a statement Monday evening.  “Congress must stop shirking its responsibility and resume a thoughtful debate on gun violence in this country,” she said. “We must do more to stop this endless loss of life.”

This same gun control argument was made upon taking office in 1993 by former President Clinton to justify forbidding U.S. soldiers, sailors and marines from carrying their firearms for personal protection on military bases.  This proved disastrous when U.S. Army major and psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan went on a jihadist mass murdering spree at Fort Hood Texas on November 5, 2009 to fatally kill 13 people and injured more than 30 others.  Hasan’s rampage did not end until he was shot by an off-base civilian policewoman.  Soldiers bitterly complained that a terrorist would face more return fire if they attacked a Texas Wal-Mart than the gunman faced at Fort Hood, home of the heavily armed and feared 1st Cavalry Division
But as the sun went down over Washington DC, our nation looked under siege.  Law enforcement sources reported that two possible shooters were still at large and the Secret Service is on high alert.  Capitol streets were lit-up with the flashing lights of police, Homeland Security, fire department and military emergency vehicles.  SWAT team members armed with military-style assault rifles were posted at the intersection of Constitution and Delaware avenues to intercept any traffic headed toward the United States Senate.

Three weeks ago, President Barack Obama sought to flex his stature by leading a robust international and domestic crusade against the brutality of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.  But quickly his international support collapsed, and then his domestic support crumbled.  What had begun as a foreign policy adventure with a weak power has morphed into a new Cold War confrontation has that revived Russia’s ambition of again being seen as a military equal of the United States.  How could President Obama imagine that today one or two shooters could turn the center of United States military power into a battleground and shut down America’s foreign supremacy?

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