Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Laguna Woods Village's Third Mutual Kangaroo Court


Laguna Woods Village - CA

For additional details, see the videos below

Video 2 of 2 - see video below
Video 7 minutes..." Where is the money?" Discover board cover-ups and non-disclosure of special interests. Facts, figures and costs do not mean a thing to senile Director Sy Wellikson.
1.2 The Members 1st Foundation is therefore committed to the prevention, detection and investigation of all forms of fraud, corruption and bribery whether these are attempted internally or externally against the non-profit corporation as an organization or by individuals. This commitment is effected through this Corporate Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Policy and its contingent protocols, procedures and action plans. 
1.3 In carrying out its functions and responsibilities the board must operate a culture of transparency and fairness and expects members and employees to adopt the highest standards of propriety and accountability. The board must operate a zero tolerance of fraud, corruption and bribery. This environment will support and reinforce the communities vision for fraud, corruption and bribery to be minimized throughout the community, and linked third parties, by creating a strong and effective anti- fraud, anti-corruption and anti-bribery culture. this is the goal of the shareholders but not witnessed on the video.
Video 1 of 2  - see video link below
Video 6 minutes.".Kangaroo Court" 3rd Board doesn't want shareholders to send e-mails comments and suggestions about their 10 to 1 vote (95% time) for PCM. These directors slander other shareholders with false accusations and phony resolutions.   
Executive Director Paul Loughrey, Members 1st Foundation
Members 1st Foundation a 501 © 4 Corporation was formed (2009) to promote the legal rights of Shareholders in Laguna Woods Village. To accomplish this objective, it publishes a e-mail e-mails and conducts public meetings dealing with matters of concern to shareholders. It also operates an information center that provides shareholders with answers concerning their rights and obligations under the corporate governing documents with their non-profit status. In order to present the views of shareholders with respect to laws and regulations that affect them, the organization testifies before administrative and legislative bodies

Kangaroo Court Video 1 of  2 video - click on link above

For details discussed in videos 1 of 2 and 2 of two, click here for pdf file

Third Mutual trustees should be held to such a higher standard even though they may not have represented that they have such expertise.
When a board is selected to be the director of a corporation or nonprofit agency, it has various responsibilities. It is responsible for acting on behalf of the shareholders of the company to make the best decisions and policies for the company. The board has a fiduciary responsibility to the non-profit corporation; that is, it has a responsibility for the care of the assets and rights of the non-profit corporation.

Paul Lougrey, Members 1st Foundation

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