Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Clubs Meet in Laguna Woods Village, purchase personal liability insurance: HOA



Laguna Woods Village, CA

To Laguna Woods Village Residents:

I wanted to explain the reason I cancelled our Residents VoiceSeptember 19th  monthly meeting.

Please Note;  This cancellation will only affect our September meeting! We will resume our regular monthly meeting schedule in October.

This cancellation is due to the directive in our contracts that states; Club's must purchase and provide  Personal Liability Insurance! The cost for this type of insurance is enormously expensive and prohibitive. If we refuse to agree to these terms and refuse to sign the contract, we will not be allowed to rent or  hold a meeting in any  community facility!

Without this insurance coverage, we would be personally liable for any accident, confrontation, complaint, or mis-hap that would occur during our meeting time!

In the best interest and protection for the Team Leaders, and everyone who supports and attends our meetings, we have cancelled our September 19, meeting.

On September 25, I will attend the All Clubs Presidents Meeting (sponsored by the Recreation Department) where this issue will be discussed and hopefully resolved so that we are able to resume our normal meeting schedule.

I am hopeful we can arrive at an affordable and practical solution to this problem.  I will up-date you on any new information that I receive.

I want to take this opportunity to apologize for any inconvenience caused by this situation!

I had submitted my notice of cancellation article to the Globe for the September 12th, edition , when my article did not appear in print I contacted Globe Editor Barbara Potter,  she apologized and promised the article will appear in the September 19th edition of the Globe; Thank you Barbara.  

Residents Voice October meeting date is Thursday, October 17, at 6:30 P.M in Clubhouse Five.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at  949.683.7317. 

I have been rather quiet of late with  up-dated information and informational email blasts; I want to assure all of you that I am still here!  Connie and I have been dealing with his health issues!  After several trips to the Kaiser Emergency Room, lots of tests and doctor appointments etc; We are finally getting some answers and hopefully a handle on how to restore him back to health!  Please keep Connie in your thoughts and prayers.

For The Record!
Residents Voice Strong Opposition on the following Issues:

 (1) The Demolition of Clubhouse Two.
(2) The Closure of  Clubhouse One Fitness Center.
(3) The Centralization of a New Fitness Center.
(4) The building of a new, expensive and un-necessary Super Gym (the city of Laguna Hills is building a new Super Gym at the Laguna Hills Mall as part of their re-modeling project).  
(5) GRF Raising the Transfer Fee from $1500 to  $2500 or possibly $3000!
(6) Candidates for Director from United or Third who support the eighteen million dollar expenditure  proposed by the GRF Recreation Master Plan Committee, while advocating Fiscal Responsibility and Responsible Governance!

Every year we hear the same old rhetoric from prospective board candidates, I will serve all residents of my mutual. Better communication and open dialogue with everyone. I am qualified for this position because of my business background. I have previous board experience, etc. etc.

Question!  What is your plan to accomplish Fiscal Responsibility?   What do you mean by "Safety of our Community."  Do you have a plan to improve Community Safety?  What is your plan?  How do you plan on restoring "Peace and cooperation in our community? These are lofty goals, are you willing to make good on your campaign promises, or are they just more empty promises allowing you to  continue down the road of "Business As Usual?"

We need directors who will work for and make positive and necessary changes!  Changes that will benefit the residents and the community at large through the restoration of common sense, strong oversight and better stewardship of our money.  We need directors who will support "Direct Election" of GRF directors!  Directors that will cut waste and un-necessary expenditures.  We need directors that will restore and preserve what we already have with proper oversight and on-going maintenance.  We need directors that will work within a budget that is cost efficient and effective!

We need directors that will conduct community business with Strong and Dedicated Oversight, Independent Decision Making, Honesty, Accountability, Integrity, Transparency and Open Communication!

We need Directors that will use an Independent Common Sense approach to daily Mutual Business!

Most importantly; We need Directors that adhere to and acknowledge; The position of a Mutual Board Director is a Position of Service, Not of Power!

Please Vote!   But Vote Informed!!!

If you have any questions you may contact me at 949.683.7317 

Thank you,

Pam Grundke

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