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The Merryhill Project in Coto de Caza, Cui Bono?

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Coto de Caza, CA - Who benefits from the proposed development of the Merryhill School site into the Hacienda Assisted Living and Memory Care Facility?  Historically and  according to the CZ Master Association - a homeowners association in the Coto de Caza community, as reported in the piece Coto’s Property Values Go Up Because I Say So Fallacy , everybody wins!

We previously reported that the CZ Master Association board of directors lobbied to re-zone the Hunt Club property, otherwise known as the Khlada development, argueing that rezoning increases property values, creates jobs and promote the Coto LifeStyle™

The CZ Master Association made a similar argument to support the Coto Polo Arena as described in the piece Coto De Caza Subsidies Qualify as Bellisimos.  In that instance, the CZ board  argued that
that the Polo Arena would NOT increase traffic in the community – as forecasted and based on public safety from the Orange County Sheriffs (OCSD) and the San Juan Capistrano California Highway Patrol  (CHP) collected over a ten-year period, that argument was also  flawed:  In fact, public safety was compromised when the CZ board of directors decreased the CHP pro-active traffic patrol hours, when it implemented the new online registration process and when the Coto Polo Arena come online.

Since the Merryhill site is governed by  the County of Orange, the Orange County Board of Supervisors (OCBS) must grant final approval for any development project on the site. Although the CZ Master Association does not govern the Merryhill site, the OCBS has stated that it will place significant weight on the recommendation of the CZ Master Association.  If the CZ board follows a similar pattern, it will not only support the new development, it will lobby the OCBS!

Brings up the question:  Cui Bono?

A group calling itself CotoNeighbors argues that Coto residents get the short end of the stick and suggests that Coto residents should:

Keep Informed!
· The developer has stated that the project has local support and is a “done deal.” That is simply not true.
· The Coto De Caza News has published biased, pro-project articles. Representatives of Cotoneighbors have contacted the paper to discuss our opposition to the proposed project. At this time, we have yet to receive the same consideration that the developer appears to have been given.

How You Can Stay Informed and Get Involved:
· Send your contact information to to receive updates on the project.
· Send a note to the CZ Master Association stating that you oppose the project. The Association email address is, and please copy so we can keep a record of opposition to the project.
· Please consider attending all public meetings regarding the project.
· Pass this information on to your neighbors and friends. 

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