Wednesday, March 05, 2014

GRF using FUD: Fear, uncertainty and doubt. Go to meeting and find out.


Laguna Wood Village, CA

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

      Please attend a Corporate Member Meeting on Freday March 7 at 10 AM, Board Room.

     LWV and its future are now at a crucial point: The GRF Board's remaining 6-Member incumbent majority (now down to 6-5 after last Fall's election) is still pushing wasteful spending. It is trying to maintain its control in many ways, including banning dissenting free speech by GRF's and mutuals' directors who oppose actions of that 'GRF-6,' such as by barring opponents from appearing on TV6, and by other tactics.

     The latest trick of that 'GRF-6' is using their loyal friends, Friends of the Village ('FOV'), to smear United Board Members, spread fear and confusion among residents, and distort the true issues -- by re-airing on TV6 a video of a tightly-controlled FOV meeting -- trying to de-rail our best chances to stop the 'GRF-6'. Please continue to be skeptical of any claimed 'facts' you hear from FOV; its relationship to the truth has become tenuous over the past year.

     The 'GRF-6' is plowing ahead with wasteful spending of many kinds: The $30,000 monthly interest payment for the $10 million loan for the Recreation Master Plan ('RMP';  $4.4 million cash required to remain on deposit as 'collateral'); $25,000 spent each week for engineering to tear down and re-build CH 2; gift of a $175,000 bar to the Village Green restaurant owner; the $18 million RMP being spent in just 2-3 years on only 3 projects -- including a new 'super-gym' and small indoor pool (just 30' x 60') that usage data shows we really don't need, etc. – with little money left for the others of the original 14 projects.

     If the 'GRF-6' continues its control, ever-increasing assessment fees will price many of us out of our community. Its leaders will continue to say “If you can't afford LWV, move!”

     The Solution: Support those United and Third Directors, and the 5-Member GRF Board minority, trying to loosen control by the 'GRF-6', and stop its irresponsible, unaccountable, out-of-control profligate spending:

FridayMarch 7, 2014, 10:00 am, GRF "Corporate MembersOpen MeetingBoard Room
     The purpose of this Corporate Members meeting is to vote for or against this resolution:

“We, the Trustors of the GRF Trust, hereby notify you, the Trustee, that you, your officers and agents are to stop work on all business or activities involving Clubhouse 2 and the Recreation Master Plan until you have obtained a majority vote of the Corporate Members, pursuant to Bylaw 2.1.6, as amended January 9, 2014.”

     We know that FOV has begun its full assault.  Let's unify for financial responsibility and accountability, and stop the small minority from driving up our fees to pay for grandiose new construction.

     Please make every effort to attend the above meeting, and also (if you're willing) weigh in by speaking out against the wasteful spending.

     Also, if you get a survey from the United Board regarding the future of CH 2, please fill out the form and promptly mail it back in its stamped return envelope.The deadline for the survey is March 11.

     Thank you!! And please spread this message to your friends and encourage them to do the same!

Edward Tao

ACC President

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