Saturday, March 22, 2014

OCR's Globe Bias favors Laguna Woods Village HOA Assoc. over Residents


From: Pamela Grundke
To: OCR/Globe's Barbara Potter
Sent: Monday, March 17, 2014 12:08 PM
Subject: Letter to the Editor

Here is the letter I stated I would be submitting to be printed for the March 20th edition of the Globe; Letters To The Editor column!

Since there were special accommodations made for Mr. Wellikson, without any restrictions or the parameters of a cutoff timeframe, the same standard should allow my letter of response, the exact same accommodations!

Pamela Grundke

How Misinformed Can a Former GRF/Third Director Be?

Those who knew Howard Klein, the United Director who died voicing his opposition to GRF, were fully aware of what he believed. Even those who merely read the newspaper, also know that Howard Klein strongly opposed GRF’s wasteful spending (his words). He did not support the Recreation Master Plan and voted repeatedly to stop GRF.  Yet Mr. Wellikson, who did not even attend the tragic meeting and wrote only with hearsay, attempted to malign not only the president of United, but also the United Board.

My suggestion to Mr. Wellikson and the other "Titular Heads."  Stop using the tragic death of Howard Klein, as an excuse to excoriate and malign the United Board and especially United President Pat English!

This community overwhelmingly does not support constructing additional facilities. There have been numerous major studies, which document that opposition; yet the majority of Six on GRF continued, and Sy has spoken in favor of the continued waste.  His nasty letter was particularly hateful in light of the loss of Howard Klein, who was at the time speaking in opposition to GRF.  Sy attempted to rewrite the circumstances.
     Mr. Wellikson, have you no shame?

Pam Grundke
2214-B Via Marip

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