Friday, May 09, 2014

Laguna Woods Village Board Under Attack For Injunction Against GRF


Laguna Woods Village, California

Dear Friends,

As you may be  aware, our United Mutual Board is under attack  and facing recall. They are up against formidable foes that have drawn support not just from our Mutual, but from Third Mutual, the Towers and GRF.  These groups are angry at the United Mutual Board for filing an injunction against GRF to stop the Recreation Master Plan, a plan that the majority of owners in our community don't want.  

This is a serious threat against all co-op owners and against our entire community. If we lose our Board, GRF will have free rein to  continue to make financial decisions without any oversight by any Boards/owners in our community.  GRF is not elected by a direct vote of the community, yet they control a budget made up of our HOA fees, of over $42,000,000.  They have borrowed $10,000,000 against our administration building to finance a Master Recreation Plan that the majority of people in this community are against.

The United Board is trying to put a stop to the borrowing and spending by GRF on the Recreation Master Plan.  That is why United filed an injunction against GRF.   This is a power struggle.  United Mutual against the GRF 6 and their supporters. These outside Boards are trying to get rid of OUR Directors, so that they can keep control over our money.  If our United Board is recalled----especially by influence from outside our Association---will we ever again be in control of our own financial future???  We must support this United Board and vote NO on the recall!

We are planning a flyer drop soon.  We need your help. We need Cul-de-Sac captains and flyer distribution people to place flyers at manor entrances and in laundry rooms. Many of you have done this in the past and know how easy it is if we get enough people. Please volunteer to help.

 Please contact us at: or call 949-540-9596  If you can help, we need your name, CDS, and phone number. 

Thanks again for your continued support.  

Stevie Magid

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