Monday, May 26, 2014

Why Bill Brough is wrong for 73rd Assembly Seat


Dana Point, CA - I believe the city of Dana Point will not support  Councilman Bill Brough for the 73rd Assembly seat being vacated by Diane Harkey . The reasons are many. First of all he is the worst candidate for this seat. Mr Brough  is currently a member of the City of Dana Point City Council, the city where I reside. Many of us have seen first hand his work at the city council and its flat out deplorable. Mr. Brough has shown he has no principles except to live on the taxpayers hard earned money. He has demonstrated this time and again. 

His so-called successful consulting firm folded in 2011. Shortly there after his personal residence went into default/foreclosure. What successful businessman makes that kind of decision?  During these past couple of years Bill has been flipping and flopping around looking for a job. In His LinkedIn Profile, Bill states he has worked for Libertas Consulting LTD from 2013 to the present 

That is a point of contention since Libertas  filed its corporate papers in California on February 26, 2014. How could Bill be working for a company in 2013 that had not been formed in California till 2014?. He filed the papers and is the agent of record. Please explain that Mr. Brough.

Lucky for Bill another taxpayer job is available. The 73rd Assembly seat. Bill was Diane Harkey’s Chief of Staff so Bill knows the 73rd Assembly seat in particular. Bill obviously did such a sub-par job that Diane Harkey decided NOT TO ENDORSE BILL. Diane obviously does not want her name associated with a candidate the caliber of Bill Brough.

Some say Bill  has been a leader in getting the long planned but stalled Town Center Project going again. Mr. Brough has gotten this project going again by discarding the Republican principal of having businesses pay their own way. Bill has advocated for years for lowering taxes and fees for the citizens of Dana Point and to encourage development of commercially zoned properties such as the Town Center area. Now Bill is following the lead of the lone Democrat on the city council to use city/taxayer funds for improvements for businesses that aren't even here yet. Mr Brough hasn't gotten the stalled project moving again, our taxpayer money has. 
Its a common theme in Bills profile: He gets paid by taxpayer money and spends taxpayer money. What we don't need is another Republican following the lead of a Democrat, and what's worse, he brought another Republican to follow the Democrats lead. The only accomplishment Bill can claim is he voted no against the plastic bag ban. Wow. The City is saved.

Bill also has a tendency of being a slacker when it comes to fulfilling community commitments. Just recently Mr. Brough had committed to participate in a candidate forum and  was a no show, Mr. Brough didn't even have the decency to call and cancel. Mr. Brough then declined to appear at a candidate forum sponsored by Cox Communications. Cox serves our local communities here and it would have been a great chance to get his message out. Apparently he has no message to get out or did not want to be embarrassed debating Ms. Bryson like the last time they participated in a forum,

One cannot discount his service to our country. We all acknowledge and thank him for it.

Bill seems to be a nice guy but he is definitely not Assembly caliber.

His wife has already given him a job that he seems more fitted for. Many husbands who have not been able to find a job have found this position to be extremely honorable and rewarding. There is no shame in not being the breadwinner when it comes to one's kids and family. Mr. Brough, you should just embrace the job you are truly fitted for as characterized in the movie, MR. MOM. You don't need the taxpayers money. You have your wife's

Dana Point Resident

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