Saturday, July 12, 2014

Germany-Brazil Game. Not psychology 101: Law of Attribution

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Rancho Santa Margarita, a RSA post ( titled The power of positive thinking – and the destructive impact of negativity – was demonstrated by Brazil’s humiliation at the World Cup. Peter Sear FRSA explores the psychology of the host nation’s team psychologist Peter Sears blames the outcome on the power of negativity.
I disagree.  Below is my response posted BEFORE the Brazil-Netherlands game:  

The Law of Attribution says that putting the blame on the type of thinking, positive or negative, for the results of the Germany- Brazil game may be an indication of the poor state of psychology, a superficial analysis, a gross underestimation of the German's team potential, a gross underestimation of the talent -including its coach, of the Brazil team, or a combination thereof.
Positive thinking has been around professional sports for decades. Brazil brought in a psychologist precisely to overcome the loss of Neymar. Surely the psychologist would know about the power of positive thinking, prior to the game. The implications of blaming the outcome on negative thinking after this, is an indictment of Brazil's psychologist and makes the Brazil team look even more impotent.
There are other indicators that point the Brazil team being an overachiever with Neymar, and a mediocre one without him. Not to mention the tactical and strategic approach to the game.
Not too many people would argue against the use of positive thinking. Disregarding other factors in this case is a disservice to psychology, however.

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