Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Update on Israel's Operation Protective Edge

Update on Israel's Operation Protective Edge

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - The objective of Operation Protective Edge is to end the rocket fire, restore security to Israeli civilians whose daily lives have been harshly interrupted and restore deterrence.  During Operation Protective Edge, evidence of Hamas and other terror organizations use of human shields has surfaced.

Since the start of Operation Protective Edge, 300 rockets have been fired at Israel by terrorist group Hamas. Of those, 220 struck Israel. Just today alone (as of 6PM Israel time), 72 rockets hit Israel, according to Israeli Consulate in New York

These deadly weapons are threatening the lives of over 3 million Israelis who are in range of Hamas' attacks, from Sderot and the south all the way up to major population centers including Tel Aviv and our capital city, Jerusalem.

Hamas' assault on Israel has not only come by rockets, but also by land and sea. Palestinian commandos attempting to carry out a terrorist attack near Israeli beaches on the Mediterranean were neutralized by the IDF. By land, a terror tunnel from Gaza into Israel was discovered and destroyed.

Israeli families have been forced into shelters, their kids kept from their summer camps, and schools closed. While Hamas escalates attacks on Israel, all normal activities have been harshly interrupted. Israel called on Hamas repeatedly to stop its war crime tactics and they answered with more attacks. This is unacceptable. Attacks on Israeli towns and civilians continue as you read this message.

Hamas places weapons and missile launchers in densely populated areas. They also send men, woman and children to act as human shields for terrorists.
Innocent bystanders can be killed as a result of Hamas' abuse of its own civilians. Instead of keeping its citizens out of harm's way, Hamas encourages and even forces Gazans to join its violent resistance against Israel.

According to the Israeli Consulate,  the operation will continue until the firing at our communities stops and quiet is restored. All options are on the table.

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