Monday, July 14, 2014

Update on the Israel-Hamas hostilities and proposed cease-fire.

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Rancho Santa Margarita. CA - As Israel entertains an Egypt proposal to end the hostilities between Israel and Hamas,  Israel is demanding guarantees of an extended period of quiet, while Hamas seeks an easing of an Israeli-Egyptian blockade on Hamas-controlled Gaza.

Meanwhile, over the weekend, Hamas rockets continued to rain down on Israel, threatening the lives of millions.
The victims of Hamas are not just Israelis. Since July 8, 38 rockets fired from Gaza have fallen within Gaza. Hamas fires from civilian areas...and hits its own people.

In addition to rockets landing in Gaza, Hamas has also launched rockets that have struck Palestinian communities in the West Bank.

According the the Israeli Consulate in New York, yesterday, a Hamas rocket struck an Israeli power station, knocking out electricity to 70,000 residents in Gaza.  And despite  the barrage of rockets from Hamas, 69 truckloads containing a variety of goods and 111 tons of gas were delivered into the Gaza Strip yesterday.

And just this morning, 117 trucks entered Gaza from Israel, including 17 addition trucks full of medical supplies.

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