Sunday, October 17, 2021

2021 Camas City Council Voters Guide

 Camas, WA:  We were looking forward to having a comprehensive Camas City Council Voting Guide,  expecting that candidates looking for a promotion or a city council position, would be more than willing to discuss their views with residents.  Sadly, we are totally disappointed.  

In the several decades of covering local politics, we have developed a number of heuristics, including this one:  "Donating to a candidate is so easy, a caveman can do it.  Reaching the candidate once elected, takes a lobbyist"

We now have developed a new one based on the non response from the Candidates for City Council:

" If candidates are unwilling to talk to you before the election, you can be sure you will never hear from them if they are elected.

The survey below includes what we thought were proper and  uber simple questions sent to all qualified city council candidates


1.  We think that anyone in  city politics involved in promoting the failed multimillion dollar swimming complex or remained silent, right when property taxes went through the roof is at best tone deafness & at worse, disqualified to run for public office 

Agree or Not? 

2.  A piece in the October issue on the Senescu Family seems like an ethical lapse. 

Agree or Not? 

3.  What do you think of the mandate to have children vaccinated against COVID 

4.  What do you think of the Teachers Union & Department of Education pushing Critical Race Theory? 

5.  In the sharing economy and so severe bus driver shortage that states are calling the National Guard 

And student base relatively constant for the last 30 years, but costs to drive students to school rose exponentially, why is it Teachers union still push to grow the transportation infrastructure?

6.  What are the top Five City issues & what can you do about it.


Since no single candidate had the courage to take a public position, what to do?

Here are some more heuristics:

1. Since we are not at a point where government works for government and NOT for taxpayers, a general rule should be to NOT promote or re-elect an incumbent, regardless of their claims

2.  Do not elect any candidate that promises new committees or bureaucracies unless they highlight how to eliminate at least ten of what we affectionately refer to as parasitic bureaucracies

While we think that the puff piece on the Senescu Family published by Camas Life is an ethical lapse at best,  we do agree with Mrs. Senescu:

Mrs. Senescu Political Flyer

Steve Hogan should not be re-elected, and instead Mrs. Senescu deserves a chance.  Although we would like to hear her explain the Camas Life story.

Mr Steve Hogan touts his leadership experience.  As CS Lewis might say, given Hogan's leadership experience, rewarding him with the position of Camas Mayor will just make him a more clever devil

Steve Hogan Political Flyer

Mr Gary Perman wants you to vote for him.  His political flyer's first bullet is To Provide better communication to citizens - yet he never responded to our survey.  He failed before he started!  But we give him the benefit of the doubt, and just like Mrs Senescu, residents need to keep a close eye on him, if elected

Gary Perman Political Flyer

As the rest of the candidates, checking Other, is most likely be the best thing you can do for the city,


 Washougal, WA - In case you missed it, the Washougal City Counci l in what can best be described as a boneheaded decision & at worst political malpratice

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