Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Washougal City Council #Hartwood Park Disc Golf Course Discussion

 Washougal, WA - If you were expecting to hear breakthrough news, major revelations or new insights regarding the City's s boneheaded decision &  poor handling of  the #HartwoodPark #DiscGolfCourse you should be disappointed

Representatives were unprepared, unable to answer basic questions, looking incompetent and unprofessional

The City has not addressed children's safety from errant discs or pedophiles 

The destruction of a natural Habitat frequented by residents In favor of an outsider vocal minority 

Nuisance resulting from the repurposing of a family trail, in favor of a disc golf course. Residents are already experiencing a concentration of vagrants & subsequent nuisance 

So, what could be worse?  Not a SINGLE candidate for a promotion or a seat in the City Council has taken a public position on the subject!  And this cannot be due to lack of information.  We have contacted EACH ONE!


What can be even worse than this?  Bureaucracies like the State Auditors Office and The Municipal Research and Services center (mrsc.org).  

MRSC's funding comes from the city and county liquor revenues distributed by the State of Washington.  It claims to serve the community, like the City of Washougal,  "by providing legal and policy guidance on ANY topic."  But when the City destroys a natural habitat, MRSC's Tracy Burrows can only suggest residents hire a private land use attorney - Seriously!

Then there is the State Auditors Office who touts its new culture initiative and gives the City of Washougal a "Clean Bill of Health."  When we confront the SAO about its own contradictions and a clear culture of form versus substance, we get no response

This is how your government works 101 - or Not! 

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