Monday, October 03, 2022

FBI Dallas Celebrates Oct 3rd as Hate Crime Awareness Day

In the fall of 2021, the FBI launched a national media campaign with billboards, ads, and radio spots that built public awareness of hate crimes and encouraged crime reporting to law enforcement.

According to FBI Dallas Public Affairs Officers Melinda Urbina and Katie Chaumont, Hate crimes are the highest priority of the FBI’s civil rights program because of the devastating impact they have on families and communities. As part of its responsibility to uphold the civil rights of the American people, the FBI takes a number of steps to combat hate crimes including investigative activity, law enforcement support, training, and public outreach.

The DOJ's civil rights division, headed by Kristine Clarke is the same one that days after President Joe Biden’s divisive speech to the nation and the FBI designating patriotic symbology as indicative of domestic terrorism,  dispatched more than 20 FBI agents in full SWAT gear to arrest pro-life Catholic husband and father Mark Houck.

You may recall Senator Cotton opposed Ms Clarke's nomination  because "She is extremely partisan. She called Senator Murkowski ``shameful.'' She accused Senator Manchin of being disingenuous. And she casually slandered 200-- 200--sitting, Senate-confirmed judges as ``white male extremists.'..
Ms. Clarke's radicalism doesn't stop with ad hominem insults. It thoroughly infects her professional judgment as well. Ms. Clarke has consistently demonstrated that she is more interested in attacking police and calling everybody a racist than finding the facts or reviewing the evidence. When it comes to racially incendiary cases, she proudly fans the flames of division. Last year, she repeatedly--repeatedly--spread the falsehood that Jacob Blake, who had a knife and was actively resisting arrest, was, in fact, ``unarmed'' when he was shot by the police."

Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley called the radical lawyer "unfit to serve"

In a a previous piece, we said that a business axiom states: “don’t ask for data you won’t use."  Yet All 56 FBI field offices regularly run “report hate crime announcements". Its own Hate Crime Statistics Report shows who is more likely to commit a hate crime. It shows that parents who show up at school board meetings to defend parental rights,  are not likely to be terrorists.  It knows which public officials spew hate and  call for violence. It knows that Soros-backed prosecutors and district attorneys are way too soft on crime. For example: Mr Anh Le was savagely beaten with a bat by two people in Chinatown, but despite the high hate crime rate in the city, San Francisco DA plea-deal so the  perpetrators did not get jail time – Mr Le had to sue to get justice.

Given the facts, the continued FBI Hate Narrative such as the one in the FBI Dallas Office is not productive 
and does not hold up to scrutiny. No wonder tust in the FBI contimues to errode.


When I agree with #CNN on #FBI crime statistics reporting, you know there's a huuuuge problem; "The FBI released its crime report for 2021 - but it tells us less about the overall state of crime in the US than ever: -

Earlier this year in a meeting with Chiefs of Police "Wray talked about the high levels of violent crime across the country and said the FBI is committed to working closely with local law enforcement partners to combat this disturbing trend"

The just released, new FBI 2021 Crime Statistics" basically say: "nothing to see here:


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