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He who controls the chart of accounts controls the narrative. He who controls the narrative and the legacy media controls the people.  He who controls the people can cancel the past. Ask Google's Gemini and it will agree. Why the Democratic Coalition and Legacy Media are on overdrive, in various formats, including X.

The FBI has been cooking the books for a long time and with the Legacy Media in lockstep with the Biden Administration promoting the 2024 narratives  Pulitzer-Prize-For-Fake-News - worthy in the categories



#Antisemitism Narrative - It's Israel's Fault.



Due to time and space, some, but not all the aforementioned narratives will be addressed indepth herein.

America is Racist Hoax 

Why in Washington State, thanks to Governor Jay Inslee and the depraved Gender Fluidity Coalition, 
children are now required to learn the history of LGTBQ, hundreds of pronouns and that pregnancy is too dangerous:  Pfizer's Dr Becci Corkill refers to the Knowledge Doubling Curve as an enabler of innovation
and reason consumers should not be afraid of the COVID Vaccine. The same people, after 120 billion births, claim that gynecologists have learned nothing.  That pregnancy is too dangerous for would-bemothers and why abortion should be legalized.

But children in Washington State are not required to learn about the founding fathers. And if they come up, the learn the founding fathers were racist.

Beware of Hate Crimes

The FBI’s own Hate Crime Statistics Report show who is more likely to commit a hate crime. It shows that parents who show up at school board meetings are not likely to be terrorists. 

Neither are Mass-attending Catholics, or those who display patriotic symbology  or Pro-Life Advocates.

Nevertheless, Attorney General Garland sends the FBI to “protect” school boards. The FBI knows which public officials spew hate and call for violence against the police.

For example, Mr Anh Le was savagely beaten with a bat by two people in Chinatown. Despite the high Hate Crime rate in the city, The San Francisco DA plea-deal so the  perpetrators did no get jail time – he had to sue to get justice

Or consider two rioters who were responsible for burning down the Wendy’s in Atlanta during the BLM riots who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit arson and two counts of first-degree arson. Their punishment?  Chisom Kingston and Natalie White will have to pay a $500 fine, 150 hours of community service and 5 years of probation. For reference, this is the same Fulton County where President Donald Trump was charged with 13 felony counts and facing a maximum of 76.5 years in prison. Nancy Pelosi's favorite slogan The No One Is Above The Law has become a meaningless buzzword

America is Islamophobic Hoax

While terrorists are arriving in droves through the Southern Border,  the DOJ is chasing Catholics and  parents for domestic terrorism, the biggest threat is not those coming across the Southern Border, but those who are here in every social stratum, from professors at Stanford University, students at Harvard or politicians in Washington DC.

Consider that the Biden Administration awarded $6 billion to Iran, disingenuously claiming the money won't get to terrorists. Then the Biden Administration touts the euphemistically titled " First National Strategy to Counter Islamophobia" - a gag order that could  classify  Dem Michigan AG's and other similar statements calling out Tlaib for 'cruel' and hateful' Israel comments Islamophobic, even though one  is already in place referred to as  Incubators For The Ummah Industrial Complex administered by leading US Universities, like Harvard, MIT, Penn, Stanford et al.

While Kamala Harris touts the First National Strategy to Counter Islamophobia, aka Gag Order Against Criticizing Islam, her stepdaughter Ella Emhoff is helping raise money for a Gaza fundraiser that could end up in the hands of Hamas. Yet, Jew-hating is alive and well in the USA Democratic coalition. Notably, Democratic Socialists of America and Black Lives Matter affiliates have issued statements of support for Hamas: we cannof find anyone in the Biden Administration who has condemned the AntiSemitic remarks coming in from the Democrat. Here's a sampling:

Democrat Rep. Pramila Jayapal compares Israel's self-defense to Russia's siege of Ukraine.

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) antisemitism and disgraceful response to the attacks on Israel is so disgusting that Congressman Jack Berman introduced a resolution to censure her.

Or Ilhan Omar rabid antiSemitism that even Adam Schiff was compelled to denounce her "Anti-Semitism has no place in the halls of Congress or civil society, and it’s incumbent upon all of us in leadership positions to speak respectfully and thoughtfully, even about issues as emotionally charged as those involving Israel and Palestine."

Or Haley Campaign  Ripping
AOC Over Israel Resolution Snub: 'You Would Fit Great with the Anti-Semites' at UN"

Or Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.) is under  fundraising and associating with an antisemitic activist who once said she wants to burn “every Israeli” alive.

The Richmond Calif., City Council voted for state-sponsored  AntiSemitism and accused Israel of “ethnic cleansing and collective punishment"

And we all know is not about hate, but about protecting the Ummah Industrial Complex.

Now it is no longer a conspiracy theory- what I've been telling you for decades: Voter Fraud is so easy, a caveman can do or a doctor Jill if you prefer.
Because of the Inside Threat, an Insider with a Motive: #MOM - Motive, Means & Opportunity to Commit any crime. With a MOM, for an Insider, voter fraud is so easy a caveman can do it.

ICYM: The #DepartmentOfDefense & the Air Force have joined the DOJ, FBI and Intel Agencies in providing #DNC with Opposition Research.At taxpayer's expense.

Antisemitism Narrative- it's Israel's Fault.

A Cursory look at Legacy Media coverage on the subject:

Antisemitic, AntiChristian NYT's
@NicholasFandos. In the latest entry in the 2024 #PulitzerForFakeNews,

In the category of #AntiSemitism in circular reporting style "reports"

"Ocasio-Cortez, member of antisemitic Democratic Coalition in House Speech, Accuses Israel of ‘Genocide’"

Previously Chuck Schumer called for insurrection against Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Legacy Media has been in lockstep with the Biden Administration promoting the it's Israel's Fault Narrative.

#Axios' @barak_ravid "reports"

Blinken unloads on Bibi: "You need a coherent plan" or face disaster in Gaza. As if the Biden Administration foreign policy plans had any coherence.

Antisemitic, AntiChristian #NYT's
@ReidJEpstein "reports"
"A group of more than 100 Democratic donors and activists on Monday sent a letter to President Biden’s campaign warning that progressive anger over Israel’s war in Gaza is “increasing the chances of a Trump victory.”

TRANSLATION: Wealthy Democrat Donors fear continued #DemocraticCoalition's #AntiSemitism helps president Donald Trump.


Antisemitic, AntiChristian #NBCNews'

@MonicaAlba, @CourtneyKube, #JonathanAllen, and @Carol E. Lee

"Amid deepening tensions, White House weighs how to respond if Israel defies Biden with Rafah invasion"

Other entries include:

Antisemitic, AntiChristian #APNews"

"report:" "Netanyahu snaps back against growing US criticism after being accused of losing his way on Gaza." But It’s not "growing US criticism." It's Democratic Coalition criticism which included the US Legacy Media. And it's not growing. It's always been antisemitic.

Axios' @BarakRavid "reports:" "Chuck Schumer's (D-N.Y.) speech calling for a new government in  Israel landed like an earthquake Thursday, delivering a huge shock to the already tense U.S.-Israel relationship." 

Duh! - and it's not just Israel, but every single democracy in the world. Keeping mind Obama's democratic coalition interfered with elections in Macedonia, Israel and coluded with legacy media to mount a coup.

Antisemitic, AntiChristian #NYT''s @AnnieKarni "reports: " Chuck Schumer is advocating for regime change in Israel"CBS' @ImtiazTyab, @ErinLyall, #TuckerReals "report:" "Israel accused of deliberately starving Gaza civilians as war plans leave Netanyahu "increasingly isolated"

Axios' @BarakRavid "reports" old news "Israeli military operation in Rafah 'cannot proceed,' U.S. ambassador to the UN says"


#CNN's @KevinLiptak, and #MJLee, previously "reported" "Biden growing more frustrated with Netanyahu as Gaza campaign rages on"

Democrats Care For Children Hoax

The SQUAD calls for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza, for children's sake. But their claim to care for Palestinian children sounds as hollow as they continue to enable the Black Genocide and  extinction of the AA nuclear family. The Squad doesn't care about Black children.

When Hamas killed Palestinian children to build tunnels, the Squad didn’t care about Palestinian children

The SQUAD also refused to call for a cease fire in Nagorno-Karabakh - because they are Christian

There was a Christmas Massacre in Nigeria: The death toll is at 140 and climbing after a series of coordinated attacks by Jihadist forces in Plateau. They attacked 20 Christian communities in Central Nigeria, raiding and burning homes while civilians were asleep. 300 are injured and 221 homes are destroyed. In the past 2 decades, 62,000 Christians in Nigeria have been killed by Jihadists and another 5 million have been displaced: The Squad doesn't care about Christian children.

In late September Muslims seized
The Armenian enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh forcing some 120,000 ethnic Armenians to flee en masse in one of the starkest examples of forced displacement in the twenty-first century.

Neither the White House, nor the Squad have offered humanitarian aid, nor asked the Muslims to withdraw from the occupied territory.

Yet, they want an immediate cease-fire so Hamas "can take care of their children:" When Hamas leader, Fathi Hammad, says Palestinians should murder Jews as an act of worship for "Allah". He compares Jews to cancer that must be eradicated and calls for the establishment of an Islamic state which will commit genocide against the Jews.

Palestinian children, relatives of suicide terrorists, appeared on Hamas TV to glorify self-sacrifice, jihad & martyrdom. The children say they aspire to be the next generation of martyrs. This is what the Palestinians teach their children in Gaza. Link

Palestinian leader, Yousef Makharzah, encourages polygamy, and claims that Christian and  Jewish women in the West are immoral for having intimate relationships with animals such as dogs and donkeys who replace their husbands in bed Head Of Hizbullah's Shari'a Council in Lebanon wants to kill gay people, because he is afraid of being infected by them. He accuses elderly Jewish people of spreading homosexuality and compares them to the people of Sodom who were "stoned to death" 

Hammas, leader of Hamas, screams in rage that Hamas will never allow peace with Jews, according to him the only thing they will offer the Jews is beheading with a sword, as he demonstrates with his hand.

Mahmoud Habbash, the adviser to the Palestinian president reveals that Hamas is deliberately killing children and women in Gaza & blame Israel's. They use children and women as human shield to sacrifice them for propaganda. 

After the Biden Administration awarded $6 billion to Iran disingenuously claimed the money was not going to be used to fund terrorism, no one in the Biden Administration has condemned the AntiSemitic remarks coming in from the Democratic coalition

An estimated 27% of human trafficking victims are children. While the Philippines is one of the largest known sources of children exploitation. California, for example has consistently had the highest number of human trafficking cases in America.  One in 9 girls and 1 in 20 boys under the age of 18 experience sexual abuse or assault. 82% of all victims under 18 are female. Females ages 16-19 are 4 times more likely than the general population to be victims of rape, attempted rape, or sexual assault.  Yet the people who are supposed to protect the children, seem more interested in protecting the predators: Ghislaine Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the sex-trafficking ring of young teens she helped financier Jeffrey Epstein run for a decade.Yet, not a single John has been publicly identified.

In Washington State Governor Jay Inslee  declared that children belong to the state not unlike Third Reich’s ideology and part of  human depravity. And the tactics used by the gender fluidity movement are not much different from the ones used by the Hitler Youth Group.

DEI Hoax  aka DEI Industrial Complex 

AntiChristian, antiUSA, AntiSemitic
AP News, in the latest entry  in the 2024 #PulitzerPrizeForFakeNews in the category #DEIHoax "reports:"
"Kentucky governor marks civil rights event by condemning limits on diversity, equity and inclusion"

“DEI is not a four-letter word,” Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear said in his speech in front of the state Capitol. “DEI is a three-letter acronym for very important values that are found in our Bible. Diversity, equity and inclusion is about loving each other. It’s about living out the Golden Rule. ... Diversity will always make us stronger. It is an asset and never a liability."

That's what demagogues like Beshear say. That's what progressive do; A study has shown how Black DEI professionals get the short end of the stick. According to a report from Zippia, 76.1% of chief diversity officer roles are held by white employees while 3.8% are held by Black employees.Just like abortion: most vocal proponents are white.  Most of the babies killed are of color.

At  #TheGreatMarch on Washington, held in DC August 28, 1963,  Dr. #MartinLutherKingJr., standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial, delivered his historic "#IHaveADream" speech in which he called for an end to racism and racial segregation.   I Have a Dream, is quintessentially American: inspired by the Bible, the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation and thea Gettysburg Address.

Five years later, progressives got MLK Jr out of their way, turning his dream into a nightmare: racism has morphed into DEI, the #AbortionIndustrialComplex  has enabled the Black Genocide, the disintegration of the African-American nuclear family and  a fatherlesssness crisis. 

A new Documentary exposes how the #FBI tried to destroy #MLK with #wiretaps and #blackmail - ultimately he was assassinated.   His family believes James Earl Ray was framed.

MLK Jr. death cleared the way for the uber progressive Warren Court's Decision: the Court found that teaching children about wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety,  fear of the Lord., charity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, generosity, gentleness, faithfulness, modesty, self-control and  chastity was too radical, all hell broke lose.

Using analysis tools like the Ishikawa Cause-Effect Diagram, the Pareto Rule, Security Professionals' Attack Tree and or Occam's Razor, they all suggest that after the uber progressive  Warren SCOTUS  (1963) decision, we have had A mental health crisis. Infanticide turned into Black Genocide. African American nuclear family has joined the Sea Turtles in the extinct list - compare to 2% divorce rate for couples using NFP. 80% of AA kids are raised in fatherless homes.  Replaced faith-based Gleaning with SNAP. AIDS epidemic. Opiod crisis. We have a fatherlesssness crisis. A Girlhood Crisis. A Trans Crisis. Obesity crisis

Send Money For Students Hoax

The school system is run for the benefit of the education industrial complex organized mostly along industrial lines

Right after research links declining academic performance and memory loss on use of artificial intelligence tools when faced with increased academic workload and time constraints. 
Los Angeles Unified Launches Ed, Launches a Pioneering Learning Acceleration AI Platform "to Improve Student Achievement"

An influential committee of the UC Academic Senate can't agree how much academics matter - can't agree on how much math to take to qualify to attend a four-year California State University. Sadly, the group  is influential, but can't agree academics matter.

Yet  The California Community Colleges Baccalaureate Degree Program was created to make it easier and more affordable for community college students to get their baccalaureate degree and be eligible for a broader array of employment opportunities.

Gavin Newsom and lawmakers think students are too stupid to figure out which college courses to take to  transfer to the University of California, so they  make it easier with AB1291.

And he thinks California Universities are not good enough for Black students, so he signed a bill  that grants community college students who transfer to historically Black colleges and universities a one-time grant of up to $5,000.

Then there's the DEI Industrial Complex:

Pacific Oaks College has been focused on increasing the number of teachers of color since 2020, according to a news release. And since then, there’s been a 30% increase in the number of students of color who have graduated from their programs." 

So-called experts disingenuos ideas about how to solve teacher shortage keep pouring- this time hire teachers of color in an accelerated format:  forget about Academics -its about Race Hustling: 
Consider that after all the college majors that pay the most right after college  are STEM-based. Except for a BS In Race Hustling -  Race Hustling is the highest paid degree: The University of Michigan has 163 DEI officers. Ohio State & U of Virginia have 94. Georgia Tech has 41, but only 13 history teachers. The Highest-paid diversity and inclusion employees rake in substantially more than the average full-time professor!

Consider Tony Thurmond Who Proposes to do the Same Thing Expecting different results: Hire Mercenaries!

Experts like Simon Sinek have long argued that employees attracted mostly by salary will soon reach their higher level of incompetence. Sinek illustrates his point using the powered flight race: the Wright Brothers were leaders, innovators, and importantly they had a cause and a purpose beyond themselves and why they beat out Pierpoint Langley in the powered flight race, even though Langley had fame and fortune but a selfish motive.

To address teacher retention and shortages, so-called Educational leaders and policymakers came up with a grandiose idea: "Teaching, reinvented: How Unconventional Educator Pave the Way for a More Fulfilling and Sustainable Profession.”  - they do it by paying teachers more or move them away from teaching and into leadership roles!

Others to solve the problem and to "improve quality of life" are looking at a four day workweek.

Yet, others want to train new teachers.  All that is required is a pledge of allegiance to the Teachers unions.  No one seems to be looking at the source of the problem:

Teacher shortage is a manufactured crisis designed to bring in brain washed ones: you see, teachers are quiting  due to value misalignment with the state: The Teachers Unions believe the children belong to the state.  See for example 4th Circuit ruled parents cannote challenge district's policy of gender affinity without parental notification. Dissenting judge calls ruling an "abdication of judicial duty" Most teachers agree with dissenting judge.

Teachers Unions and corrupt politicians  turned schools and universities into madrasshas: more indoctrination less education, leaving behind $1.7 TRILLION worth of student loans and a factory of useless degrees and generations confused about their gender.
Yet, the degree inflation has been accelerating: In California, students seeking a bachelor’s degree can get them at community colleges and soon at McDonald's.
Gov. Gavin Newsom thinks California Universities are not good enough for Black students, so he signed a bill  that grants community college students who transfer to historically Black colleges and universities a one-time grant of up to $5,000.

How Legacy Media Promotes the Hoax:
Antisemitic, AntiChristian NYT's Tara Siegel Bernard, who writes about personal finance, from saving for college to paying for retirement and everything in between. "reports"

"Biden Approves $5.8 Billion in Additional Student Debt Cancellation

The incremental relief brings the canceled total to $143.6 billion for nearly four million Americans."

Tara knows better. "Incremental relief" and Debt Cancellation are euphemisms for #NormalizedDelinquency

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