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NYT's Latest entry in the 2024 Pulitzer For Fake News, Circular Reporting In the category of #AntiSemitism

Antisemitic, AntiChristian New York Times' Nicholas Fandos
In the latest entry in the 2024  Pulitzer For Fake News, In the category of AntiSemitism in circular reporting style "reports"

Ocasio-Cortez, member of antisemitic Democratic Coalition in House Speech, Accuses Israel of ‘Genocide’

And the AntiSemitic Democratic Coalition's  solution is to do the same thing over and over again, expecting different results:  10  years ago, CNN's Greg Botelho and Karl Penhaul reported that a ceasefire brokered by John Kerry. adopted by the United Nations which benefitted Hamas. was announced asking: "Humanitarian cease-fire set in Mideast conflict, but will the peace last?"

Previously Chuck Schumer called for insurrection against Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu

Few words  evoke such gut-wrenching emotions as "genocide  " It's a term laden with pain, loss, and unspeakable suffering. It's a dark chapter in human history, the depravity of man - that we should never take lightly. Human Trafficking and Human Exploitation are not too far behind.

"Never again" is a term associated with the lessons of the Holocaust, used by liberated prisoners at Buchenwald concentration camp to express anti-fascist sentiment. It was popularized by Rabbi Meir Kahane in his 1971 book, Never Again!I  sadly, Never Again, like No One is Above the Law, have become meaningless buzzwords.

The Legacy Media has been in lockstep with the Biden Administration promoting the 2024 #PulitzerPrizeForFakeNews in various categories;


For instance: Axios' @barak_ravid
"Reports:" Blinken unloads on Bibi: "You need a coherent plan" or face disaster in Gaza"

As if the Biden Administration foreign policy plans had any coherence.

Antisemitic, AntiChristian NYT's
@ReidJEpstein "reports:" "A group of more than 100 Democratic donors and activists on Monday sent a letter to President Biden’s campaign warning that progressive anger over Israel’s war in Gaza is “increasing the chances of a Trump victory.”

TRANSLATION: Wealthy Democrat Donors fear continued Democratic Coalition's AntiSemitism helps president Donald Trump


Antisemitic, AntiChristian NBCNews'

@MonicaAlba, @CourtneyKube, #JonathanAllen, and @Carol E. Lee

In the category of AntiSemitism and

"Circular Reporting" say: "Amid deepening tensions, White House weighs how to respond if Israel defies Biden with Rafah invasion"

Other entries include:

Antisemitic, AntiChristian #APNews"

"Report:" "Netanyahu snaps back against growing US criticism after being accused of losing his way on Gaza"

It's not "growing US criticism." It's Democratic Coalition criticism which included the US Legacy Media.

And it's not growing. It's always been antisemitic

Axios' @BarakRavid "Reports:" Chuck Schumer's (D-N.Y.) speech calling for a new government in Israel landed like an earthquake Thursday, delivering a huge shock to the already tense U.S.-Israel relationship.

Duh! - and it's not just Israel, but every single democracy in the world. Keeping mind Obama's democratic coalition interfered with elections in Macedonia, Israel and coluded with legacy media to mount a coup

Antisemitic, AntiChristian #NYT''s @AnnieKarni "Reports:"  Chuck Schumer is advocating for regime change in Israel

NBCNews "reports:" "Israel-Hamas war: U.S. intelligence report suggests Netanyahu's far-right government may be in jeopardy

Axios' @BarakRavid "reports:" "Harris calls for ceasefire, says "people in Gaza are starving"

CBS' @ImtiazTyab, @ErinLyall, #TuckerReals :Report:" "Israel accused of deliberately starving Gaza civilians as war plans leave Netanyahu "increasingly isolated"

While Axios' @BarakRavid "reports" old news"Israeli military operation in Rafah 'cannot proceed,' U.S. ambassador to the UN says"


CNN's @KevinLiptak, and @MJLee, previously "reported"

"Biden growing more frustrated with Netanyahu as Gaza campaign rages on"

#APNews "report" :Airstrikes hit refugee camps in Gaza as U.S. approves new weapons sales to Israel"

BBCNews "reports" "Israel-Gaza war: Hamas reports 241 deaths in Gaza inside 24 hours"


CBSNews "reports:" "Israel bombs refugee camps in central Gaza, residents say, as Netanyahu repeats insistence that Hamas be destroyed"


WaPo's Tim Craig & Clara Ence Morse "report:" "Across U.S.,  young Muslims are leading AntiSemitic protests in unlikely places: "Young U.S. Muslims are rising up against Israel in unlikely places"


CNN's Andrew Carey and Abeer Salman "report:" " Palestinians support Hamas decision to go to war with Israel, survey suggests, with no political solution on horizon"

CNN also  "reports" that the same Intelligence that told Biden that giving $6 billion to the Mullahs was not a problem, was the same Intelligence that failed to predict the Hamas attacks

The same Intelligence now "Show Iranian-backed militias are ready to ramp up their attacks against US forces in the Middle East:

By Natasha Bertrand, Katie Bo Lillis, Zachary Cohen and Jennifer Hansler,

What they don't report:

There was a Christmas Massacre in Nigeria: The death toll is at 140 and climbing after a series of coordinated attacks by Jihadist forces in Plateau. They attacked 20 Christian communities in Central Nigeria, raiding and burning homes while civilians were asleep. 300 are injured and 221 homes are destroyed. The authorities did not respond for over 12 hours, a source has told AP. In the past 2 decades, 62,000 Christians in Nigeria have been killed by Jihadists and another 5 million have been displaced

Muslims are conducting Ethnic Cleansing  in NagornoKarabakh. Where is Rashida Tlaib,  Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush, Ellison, Jarrett et al - where's the media & illuminati?

And Jew-hating is alive and well in the USA Democratic coalition. Notably, Democratic Socialists of America and Black Lives Matter affiliates have issued statements of support for Hamas: No one in the Biden Administration has condemned the AntiSemitic remarks coming in from the Democrat. Here's a sampling:

Democrat Rep. Pramila Jayapal compares Israel's self-defense to Russia's "siege of Ukraine

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) antisemitism and disgraceful response to the attacks on Israel is so disgusting that Congressman Jack Berman introduced a resolution to censure her

Or Ilhan Omar rabid antiSemitism that even Adam Schiff was compelled to denounce her "Anti-Semitism has no place in the halls of Congress or civil society, and it’s incumbent upon all of us in leadership positions to speak respectfully and thoughtfully, even about issues as emotionally charged as those involving Israel and Palestine."

Or Haley Campaign  Ripping
AOC Over Israel Resolution Snub: 'You Would Fit Great with the Anti-Semites' at UN"

Or Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.) is under  fundraising and associating with an antisemitic activist who once said she wants to burn “every Israeli” alive.

Kamala Harris & Joe Biden are touting what they euphemistically call, the
first US National Strategic Center to Combat Islamophobia-  a gag order so Tlaib's comments can be construed as free speech, while Dem Michigan AG's statement and other similar speech could be construed as hate speech and  Islamophobic.

And we all know is not about hate, but about protecting 

Do you see a trend?

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