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Aside from the radio shows, Lou Jasikoff and Andy Ostrowski have developed and put into place the "Let Freedom Ring Project" for journalists wanting to learn how to become real journalists in America!  This is an incredible organization, learning opportunity and employment opportunity for those seeking true journalism careers in America.  Here is more information and a short video: Let Freedom Ring Project - Freedom House Open House 

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May 2016

Tuesday, Mat 10th, 2016 at 6:00pm EST, Connie Reguli speaks about the family court system..........
Andy Ostrowski
3 hrs

On Justice Served - Connie Reguli - Family Courts, CYS/CPS, Lawyers for Judicial Reform
Please tune in tomorrow at 6 eastern time for what will be a great interview of a remarkable long-time advocate, and founder of the Family Forward Project to talk about issues across the spectrum of very important issues I have been covering on Justice Served.
Tennessee lawyer Connie Reguli will discuss her own personal fights through the courts as a practicing lawyer in the area of family courts, and her testimony before the state Senate on the need for reform, as well as her own fights against the Tennessee Bureau of Professional Responsibility in her long journey seeking protection for family integrity and judicial reform.

Andy Ostrowski host of Justice Served improving the quality & equality of access to the Justice System in America.

Justice Served - Andy Ostrowski - Episode 80 - 5-3-16 Dave Russell - HOA Reform

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December 2015

Justice Served - Episode 24 - 12-15-15 - Guest: Shu Bartholomew on HOA Issues. Shu, is known as "The Voice" for HOA homeowners in the USA and beyond on HOA homeowner abuses, criminality, fraudulent, or other foreclosures, legislative initiatives, negative health consequences and more, involving what has evolved in the USA in HOA "communities."  In most locales, all new "community" housing construction is in some kind of a mandatory HOA. Shu is the host/producer of the incredibly popular, one of a kind weekly HOA show, www.onthecommons.us and www.onthecommons.net, where the nations true HOA homeowner experts and advocates from across the country discuss the range of HOA homeowner issues, injustices, lack of protections of the laws, negative health and family consequences, lack of accountability and why there are legislative challenges and shortcomings in the protections of HOA homeowners across the USA!

Justice Served - Episode 25 - 12-16-15 - Guest: Randi Shannon, anti-corruption, due process and legal reform advocate and former Iowa candidate for the Iowa Senate. Randi's show site: www.wakingupinamerica.com and advocacy sites: www.42action.org & https://www.facebook.com/pages/Randi-Shannon/356981064318623.  Also, a brilliant discussion on a number of current and timely issues between Andy and Lou, which takes place in the beginning of the show, prior to Randi Shannon's interview. Andy and Lou discuss the current national candidates and the "selling out of liberty for fear of terrorism," myth many "buy into," the fraudulent foreclosure epidemic and the courts acting as collection agencies for fraudulent and bogus paperwork foreclosures (no proof) and non-UCC compliance which is required by law.  Also, how denial of due process in the courts, which is the true and Constitutional "check" on tyranny is allowing for abuses of powers by the courts and agents of the banks (armed sheriffs), taking property without due process and agents of the state (CPS), taking children with no due process.  Andy' s discusses his position on these abuses and denial of due process ties into the protections of the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.  Additionally, there is some discussion on Bishop Jack Wisor who was a guest on the previous "Sanity Check" show and Bishop Wisor's personal bio,"mission" and outreach, after a successful life and career in the construction industry:www.justforjesushomeless.bravehost.com/revwisor.html.


January 2016

Justice Served - Episode 30 - 1-5-16
 - Guest: Dr Gary Solomon -  Exploring HOAs, Guardianship Abuse, and Elder Abuse and Litigation Abuse.  Another dynamic guest with a broad range of training and experience in fields affecting millions of Americans across the country. Dr. Gary Solomon is an author, tenured psychology professor at the College of Southern Nevada, psychotherapist, researcher, expert witness, and human rights advocate who has done some groundbreaking work in the area of HOA syndrome, litigation and elder abuse, and other fields pertinent to issues we have continued to discuss on Justice Served.Dr. Solomon's free ebook: hoacrisisinamerica.com, and websites: hoaacademy.com,hoasyndrome.com and professorgarysolomon.com

Justice Served - Episode 31 - 1-6-16
 - Guest: Dr. Mario Jimenez - Dr. Mario Jimenez from Florida joins us on "Justice Served" tonight.  Dr Jimenez is a candidate for the Florida Senate and firmly believes, 
"There is a war being waged against the family, from the unborn being sold by body parts to the best bidder, to children being trafficked by DCF (3 dollars for each dollar DCF spends in foster homes), to the youth in Juvenile courts being sold for cash as in the kids for cash scandal, to adults being denied access to their children by family courts just to increase state coffers (dollar for dollar federal match for child custody orders), to the elderly in Probate courts and Guardianship programs having their lives’ savings stolen as this report shows.
Bottom line, the entire family is under attack, and what can we do to stop this? We need to vote for VoteFamily.Us candidates all over the USA.  We must all unite to defeat our common enemy, those who are actively working to destroy the American family."  Dr. Jimenez also states: "I am running to restore checks and balances: http://www.votefamily.us/dr-mario-jimenez-in-senate-district-37/, and encourage others to do so in 50 states: http://wa.votefamily.us/vote-family-sites-by-state/"
Dr. Jimenez' passion for reform and his decision to run for public office is driven due to his own personal experiences in the court system in Florida and what he has discovered while being entangled in these dysfunctional and questionable systems that are supposed to be systems of justice. Please join us for what will be another informative Justice Served and get to know Dr. Mario Jimenez and why the residents of Florida and really all Americans are fortunate for this candidate and his "voice," focus and plan for reform!  For more information on Dr. Jimenez see: http://www.votefamily.us/dr-mario-jimenez-in-senate-district-37/,

Justice Served - Episode 32 - 1-7-16 - Guest: Ward Lucas - Ward Lucas joins us on Justice served tonight. We are going to continue to introduce our listeners to some of the issues and abuses, as well as the judicial and legal abuses plaguing HOA homeowners in mandatory HOAs in Pennsylvania and across America.
Ward is the best selling author of "Neighbors at War - The Creepy Case Against Your HOA," and also has evolved and grown to become one of the leading HOA experts and provides one of the nations leading resources on HOAs, attracting the nations leading advocates and experts contributing on his one of a kind national blog, www.neighborsatwar.com.
Ward brings his personal experience, as well as his experience as an award wining investigative journalist of 40 years to his work on the HOA issues and abuses far too many HOA homeowners find themselves facing and are forced to endure in thousands of communities across America. Most homeowners have no clue of "what they are buying themselves into," when it comes to HOAs, or what can, and does, creep into their community, or their HOA boards; an unyielding influence, or oversight that is not for benefit of the HOA homeowners!

Justice Served - Episode 33 - 1-12-16 - Guest: John Adams - An activist and advocate,John Adams from Centre County will be in studio to discuss his efforts to expose and address corruption in Centre County under the leadership of District Attorney Stacey Parks Miller, and his other efforts, and those of the groups in which he is involved, to branch out and address issues of good government, and grass roots activism across the country.
John has been an inspiring force for change among the millennials, and has traveled to Washington, D.C. to participate in the "million mask march," has recently traveled to Cleveland to bring attention to police reform in light of the shooting of 12-year old Tamir Rice, and is organizing an effort through "The Pohttps://www.facebook.com/anonymousstatecollegelulzsec/?fref=tswer of the People" and "Operation Helping Hands Philly" to travel to Philadelphia on January 17 to provide food, clothing, and supplies to the needy there.  More info for John Adams: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1215527179, Anonymous Sate College - https://www.facebook.com/anonymousstatecollegelulzsec/?fref=ts

Justice Served - Episode 34 - 1-13-16 - Andy, Lou and Friends - A continuation of the "Sanity Check" show and the celebration of the" Blessing of the Books Ceremony" at Twig's Cafe - Promoting Literacy
The ceremony for the "Blessing of the Books" collection, and friendly competition, between the Panuska College of Professional Studies of the University of Scranton, and the residents of the Tunkhannock area.Though everyone won by advancing the cause of literacy, the people of Tunkhannock collected about 10,000 books, which will be sent all over the world to help children learn to read.It was really inspiring event to be a part of, and the educators from the University of Scranton, led by Dr. Debra Pelligrino, Dean of the Panuska College, are a true tribute to the role of the teaching profession in this country.
I could go on talking about it, and the basic role of literacy in providing for an educated populace in control of our own destiny, but, for now, I just urge people to support the cause of literacy, and support our teachers, in any way you can.Thank you to Lori Bogedin of Twigs Cafge and Lou Jasikoff for all you did to make this a successful event.
Then, call in guests that include Mr. X and Mike Lacey and an informative discussion on the "corporate structure" and current laws shielding and protecting "corporations" from the range of abuses and criminality that can and may be carried out by corporations, or directors of corporations in America, with little or no accountability and especially, no personal accountability.  This "corporate shielding" is being used to take advantage of all Americans, solely for the benefit of those who know how to use and even abuse this system for their own benefit.  (Please see the photos of the celebration of the "Blessing of the Books Ceremony" attached.)
 Justice Served - Episode 35 - 1-14-16 - Guest: Athena Roe - Colorado attorney Athena Roe, of the National Association of Probate Reform and Advocacy will talk about her work in shedding light on, and bringing reform to the probate court (will and testament courts) systems across the country, where billions of dollars of wealth are exchanged annually.Athena's  organizations discussed: harjustice.org and theharcompany.org. Additional information on harjustice.org: "The National Association for Probate Reform and Advocacy or "NAPRA" is dedicated to ending crimes against humanity in America's probate courts including: fraud, intimidation, bullying, harassment, and financial exploitation through public awareness campaigns." The organization has an impressive Board and I am sure you will recognize some of these individuals from their advocacy and work on legal and judicial reform. I truly believe this is an interview all in America should hear, as the discussion centers around the abuses of Americans in the probate courts

Justice Served - Episode 36 - 1-19-16 - Guest: Mike Ference -Mike Ference, from Allegheny County, Pennsylvania will be on to discuss the Catholic Church abuse scandal and its Pennsylvania connection, as well as what he calls the "Zappala Crime Family," and its connection to issues going on in our courts.  Mike Ference's blog: The Ference Wheel,mikeference.blogspot.com Also, Mike Ference on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=mike%20ference.

Justice Served - Episode 37 - 1-20-16 - Guest: Bishop A. E. Sullivan, Jr. - Bishop A.E. Sullivan Jr., president of the Interdenominational Ministers Conference of Greater Harrisburg discusses his own personal experiences with legal injustices when one has a "voice," as he does, about the needs of all the people in America.

January 21 - Jim Dupree
January 26  Andre Roxx
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February 04 - Call from Casey Sheehy and Interview with Katherine Hine
February 10 -  Kristi Hood – the author of the book Probate Pirates 
February 11 -  Andy Ostrowski and Lou Jasikoff "catch up" and revisiting and updating on other interviews, earlier shows, etc.  Calls in

February 16 - JoAnne Denison - Incredible show!  A must listen.

February 2016 continued:
Justice Served - Andy Ostrowski - Episode 48 - 2-17-16 Interview with Jim Lane- HOAs www.hoaowners.org,www.nchoalaws.org
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March 2016
Archives changed format March 31 -March 01, last in the month, is first listed
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April 2016
Archives changed format a little again, but still, last in the month, first listed. 

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