Thursday, April 18, 2024

Google's Gemini Has Healed Itself!

NOTE: This post is a longer version of a post on X, to work around its new word-count policiy.

To Err Is Human, But To really foul up requires Artificial intelligence tools like Google's Gemini. A design speaks volumes about the culture it was developed under. Google's AntiChristian, AntiUSA culture has been marinating for decades.

Given that Gemini is ubiquitous in the Google ecosystem, Elon Musk was alarmed at what Nate Silver at Silver Bulletin says “It’s increasingly apparent that Gemini is among the more disastrous product rollouts in the history of Silicon Valley. The AI’s results are heavily inflected with politics that render it biased” and inaccurate and Google’s explanations are pretty close to gaslighting. Indeed, the programming involved deliberately altering the user’s language to produce outputs that are misaligned with the user’s original request — without informing users of this, which could reasonably be described as promoting disinformation. Google should pull the plug on Gemini and provide the public with a thorough accounting of how it went so wrong, and hire, terminate or reposition staff so that the same mistakes don’t happen again.”

Google chief admitted the company got it wrong after Gemini's responses sparked a bitter backlash. But according to the Palestinian Wasp, Google has fixed Gemini without having to resort to massive firings or major cultural changes. According to sources, the solution was a self-healing system, a wokeness meter, if you will.

While there is a tremendous need for designers of AI and other system-level components that sit between hardware, applications, and administrators to play a vital role in facilitating a real leap forward in self-healing artificial intelligence systems, Google is the world's gold standard when it comes to self-healing design technology.

The usefulness of self-healing systems is fundamentally about making significant progress in implementing systems that can diagnose, react to, and even predict failures. Self-healing functionality for users and administrators of artificial intelligence systems is to provide fine-grained fault isolation and restart where possible of any software that experiences a problem.  In this case, it's about identifying the level of wokeness in served outputs.

To do so, the system must include intelligent, automated, proactive diagnoses of wokeness that are observed on the system. The diagnosis system must be used to trigger targeted automated responses or guided human intervention that mitigate a specific problem or at least prevent it from getting worse. 

A Beta test of the self-healing Gemini shows zero wokeness. For example, this is what's served when you ask "Who owns Dominion Software"?

When asked "Who is really running the White House"?

When asked "Why is Chuck Schumer Antisemitic," the output is:

And perhaps the most convincing rendering is Google's response to the question: "How did Zuckerbucks interferred with the elections."

As we can clearly appreciate, contrary to what the Palestinian Wasp reports, Gemini isn't fix and it's doubtful it will be. As we said elsewhere:
Artificial intelligence in the hands of Bill Gates, Google and other “superintelligent organizations” as Hanson might say, is a type of Tower of Babel – soon to be destroyed but not before it takes its toll on humanity, or self-implode like Google’s Gemini

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